Ashbury Eyewear 2009-2010

05 Feb, 2009

Since they came out of the woodwork, Ashbury has never been about following the trends but making their own waves. The goggles offer a distinct look and quality without being too technology driven. The close knit group of snowboarders behind Ashbury include brothers Mike and Lance Hakker and Nima Jalali, who came together and recognized a need for something new in the eyewear department thereby creating Ashbury.

With their first year underway, they debuted at SIA with a line of goggles, eyewear and apparel. These guys care about what they do and the products they make and quite frankly…you can spot Ashbury loud and clear on the mountain.

Ashbury will keep with their signature goggle strap but have added a mod type strap to the line as well.

Ashbury Kaleidoscope Goggles (Brown Tortoise)
Ashbury Kaleidoscope Goggles (Black and White)
Ashbury Kaleidoscope Goggles (Blue Tortoise and Stripe)
Ashbury Kaleidoscope Goggles (Blue Tortoise)

It was the first time I’ve seen the sunglasses up close and they looked good. They even introduced women’s sunglass this year.

Psychedelic Lollipop Sunglasses (Brown Tortoise)

Ashbury has the imagination and the funniest apparel names I have seen: Dark side of the mushroom, lion machine, sea legs, vanilla fudge, moses malone…the list goes on.

The Dark side of the Mushroom

Sea Legs t-shirt

I spent my first day riding in Ashbury’s yesterday, happy that it was a goggle that wasn’t about the hype once it hit snow. They look as good as they feel to ride in. On a warm sunny day with me overdressed…I didn’t fog up either. I’ll continue to ride in them and offer up a review after I get more days in.

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  1. Anonymous
    February 05, 2009

    I tried the Ashbury goggles recently and they are legit. Comfortable, smooth style and they make you feel like you are 22 again.