Binding Review: 09-10 Union Trilogy

17 Feb, 2009

Location: Keystone, Colorado

Snow Conditions: Bluebird with hardpacked groomers.

Setup: I rode the Union Trilogy bindings with the Capita Indoor Survival FK and my Rome Vamp size 8 boots.

Time to set up the binding: Average

Fit: It was the perfect sizing for my boots, heel was fit nicely into the heelcup and minor adjustment to get the straps aligned and adjusted to my boots. Once riding I never had them slip or move.

First Impression: Trilogy’s are a solid women’s binding, good response and easy to rely on them making riding good.

Appearance: Really minimal simple look to the bindings, white/silver colors with small Union details to the binding.

Comfort: Padding in the highback to make it plush with the boots, padding on the baseplate cover to absorb bumps and the straps are very comfortable, skinnier ankle straps so easy to mold to your boot.

Functionality: Union upgraded the ratchets this year which I only noticed cause I was told, other than that they were still functional with no issues on the ratchets holding my bindings tight when I was riding. Quick adjust on the ankle strap makes it super easy to get that dialed, I wish the toe had it but it’s still quick with a screwdriver.

Flex: I always like the bindings that have good enough highback stiffness that you can lean into the highback on your heelside turns and hold it, not to where the highback wants to bend and make you lose control but to where it’s stable and sturdy. The trilogy’s are the latter, stable and sturdy without being too much of a binding. The straps give you good lateral (side to side) movement.

Response: Good response from the highback, allowing you to quickly get into heelside turns and hold them. Not insanely response but good response for riding with, definitely not a sluggish binding. When you press on your toes, the binding responds and same with heels.

Toe Strap: It was adjusted to my boot and I had no slippage issues with it. Union toe straps you definitely need to adjust properly so they don’t slip, but any binding you should be doing that with.

Overall Impression: Fit for a women’s binding without losing the response and being too soft. They are rideable anywhere on the mountain, light and easy to get into.

Shay’s Honesty Box: I like the trilogy’s, good binding for women. Call me crazy I like the white simple colors but It’d be rad to see the women’s binding get some fun colors like the men’s.

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1 Comment

  1. Anonymous
    March 06, 2009

    Hi Shay,

    very intersting posts…
    Can you compare the Force with the Force SL…
    Important for me is response and highback stiffness.

    I’ve ridden the normal Force the last 2 years and now I am searching a new one for 09/10. It will be set up on a Signal Omni…

    Thx Marcel