Board Insiders Day 3 at Stevens Pass

26 Feb, 2009

The last and final day of shredding at Stevens Pass for Board Insiders.  3 days of riding, 3 boards a day and a total of 9 reviews of 2009-2010 boards.   The experience was amazing, riding my old mountain and riding with people from all different levels, experiences and styles.  
It’s been snowing non-stop since I came up to the mountains on Monday night and it’s been good on the mountain, really good!  
Today I rode the Signal Park Rocker, GNU Billy Goat, and Bataleon Evil Twin. Three very distinctly different boards and such a variety of riding styles for me.
The Signal Park Rocker…wow it was too easy but fun…very fun.
I stayed on the front of Stevens Pass which was fine since barely anyone was on the mountain, still some powder to enjoy and I got to ride a variety of boards.  
Charlie filming one of the riders coming down

Still a lot of pow to enjoy!

Stevens Pass Top Phlight Terrain Park makes sure you sign a liability, watch a video and get a $5 pass or day pass before entering in the terrain park.  I had been riding through the park since Sunday but finally sat down to sign the waiver.  I gotta say that riding in a park that is closed to park passes only was great, I never saw people that shouldn’t be in there and it was really safe.  
The day ended, said goodbyes and headed off the mountain.  Now it’s family time and then I head back to Colorado on Saturday to enjoy some snowboarding back home.  

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  1. Marc
    February 27, 2009

    Nice! You got to test out the Evil Twin. I was considering getting one of those before I got the Evo-R (which is super fun). Sounds like you had a great time and great snow. Can’t wait to read about how the Evil Twin rides.

  2. MSTR Spliff
    February 27, 2009

    i got the airobic this year and am def stoked.
    yeah, i cant wait for your evil twin review as well!

  3. yodisbsteve
    March 02, 2009

    just wondering if youre gonna end up doing a review write up for those boards. im trying to decide between the horrorscope fk, and the park rocker…

    love reading youre site by the way. check it daily. multiple times.