Breckenridge 2/20/09

20 Feb, 2009

I made sure to Nikwax my outerwear last night for my trip to Washington tonight.  It rarely rains in Steamboat, I can count on 2 hands the number of times I have seen it rain in Steamboat in the past 3 years.  I decided just in case it wouldn’t be a bad idea to re-waterproof my gear.  Now my clothes are fresh, clean and smell great!  
I drove to Breck last night so I could spent this morning on the mountain before flying out of Denver.
I gotta admit when someone pisses you off, it’s probably not a good day to ride superpipe or maybe it is…because I was so angry that I started to take it out on the pipe and either the board made me go higher or the fact that I needed to let some energy out did the trick.  Riding does make me feel better. It was the last day with the Flow Team and a perfect day to really test it in the perfect superpipe at Breckenridge.
I met up with Lauren and Adrian for the day.  We made laps through Park Lane which for a friday had a good flow of people, it was awesome to watch people go through each of the jump lines and what tricks they’d be pulling off.
I’d watch them on the rails and jumps in park lane, taking photos and then cruise over to ride the superpipe.  


I left by mid-day so I had time to get to Denver, drop off the Flow Team and pick up the Never Summer Premier F1-R so I’ll have that to ride and compare in the next coming weeks.  Now it’s off to Washington and spending 8 days back in the Pacific Northwest.  

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  1. DC
    February 21, 2009

    Hey Shay, is that the 686 jacket you rocking, think you covered it in the past?

    Anyway what waterproofing spray do you use usually. I’ve never used any before, is one particular brand better than the others? Does it have to be snowboard specific brand or could I pick something up at Home Depot?

  2. Ming Wei
    February 22, 2009

    Hey shay, does the TX wash in do anything for the breathability of the pants/jacket for you? I had some Sessions pants I tried running that I tried running em through with and wasnt sure if they really helped…could have just been the pants though.

    And that yellow jacket is a 686.

  3. Shayboarder
    March 02, 2009

    Yep that’s my 686 snaggletooth jacket that I’ve been rocking all winter.

    I’ve only used Nikwax which I used back in Washington and now in Colorado for my Washington trip. It helped a lot, my jacket kept the wetter snowfall off and I remained dryer in WA this last week. Not sure if there are others, I just keep using Nikwax cause I like it.

    Nikwax supposedly revives the breathability so depends on how breathable your gear is to begin with and it should continue to make it last.