MTNOPS 2009-2010

04 Feb, 2009

Late last season I had a phone call with Mark Sullivan about a new website called MTNOPS that would be a new snowboard community launching products slowly into the market.  I got on board with the crew and now months later, they debuted at SIA with American made products.  With hearts in the backcountry and driven by snowboarding powder lines, they have created products with their brand right here in the United States.  

The community came first, then came the products that were useful for any rider.  The Riders Journal, safety cards, limited number of hats.  They came slowly but offered up something new that wasn’t following the fads.  
At SIA, MTNOPS came out with 3 snowboards that each tell a story, outerwear that will keep you warm and layers to keep you breathable.  The t-shirts, hats and hoodies feature artwork based around the mountains.  The riding journal and safety cards are must have’s for the mountain, easy to put in your pocket and could save your life.  
MTNOPS made in the US:  Washington, Idaho, Nevada, Utah, California, Colorado, Montana, Georgia, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, New Jersey and South Carolina.  Even the catalog was made in the US.  
The Harpoon is MTNOPS rockered, tapered powder board with graphics by Oscar Woodruff and a limited number of 33 snowboards.  Available in a 160cm and 168cm.
In the background on the right, you can see the Leviathan which is MTNOPS freestyle board available in a 151cm, 154cm and 158cm with a limited number of 88 snowboards.  
The Burden is MTNOPS cambered directional freeride snowboard in sizes 155cm, 160cm, and 165cm with a limited number of 88 snowboards.  
This is the base graphic in the photo, the graphics by Oscar Woodruff tells the story of the Exxon Valdez Oil Spill.

All 3 snowboards:  Levianthan, Burden and Harpoon

The locals hats feature mountains where the locals rule

The Tailgate Beanie
If you haven’t heard of Tailgate Alaska you should…MTNOPS hosts tailgate events and Alaska is the big one.

Standard Bright Hat

The line up of Beanies:  The Lurker, the Creeper, the Tailgate, The Cone and Fizz

MTNOPS has some mountain men, bringing back the fleece that won’t go out of style and will keep you warm on the snow or off it.  

The Brooks and Platapus

The MTNOPS Merican goose down jacket with removable hood.

I’ll add the catburgler photo tomorrow, it’s a suit that’ll keep you dry on the mountain under your gear.  

I’m quite proud of MTNOPS, the booth had a good crew of people and they care about the products they make that they would use on the mountains.
It was cool to see I got a special thanks in the catalog…that deserves a framing of the catalog.  I really owe these guys a lot and can’t wait to check out the boards and how they ride.

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  1. Anonymous
    February 05, 2009


  2. Anonymous
    February 05, 2009

    Great Shay but about Lib and Gnu???? Many of us want to see them..please!! 😉

  3. Anonymous
    February 05, 2009

    They had some awesome looking stuff at the show. Not at all like a first year brand. I want the Merican.

  4. Anonymous
    February 05, 2009

    Gee, the Mervin Manufacturing Fanboys are getting restless….

  5. Shayboarder
    February 05, 2009

    I call them Lib-Techies, Lib/GNU will be coming up…patience.

  6. Timbo
    February 05, 2009

    This is actually a very smart business how they’ve got this going.

    Beanies look good, puffy jacket looks good.

    Who’s OEMing their boards?

    Tim | Heresy Snowboarding

  7. Anonymous
    February 05, 2009

    After seeing their line, I think that we will see a lot of brands copying their style and image. Good job guys.

  8. Anonymous
    February 06, 2009
  9. Anonymous
    February 06, 2009 thought of it first!

  10. Shayboarder
    February 06, 2009

    The whole thought of it first argument is getting old. It’s not about who thought of it first, it’s who does a good job of what they create. Shredunion is a website that is invitation only still, mtnops is open for anyone and has products. Two completely different sites with completely different directions they are going.

  11. Jonny
    February 06, 2009

    So It goes beyond being old. It’s irrelevant. Who thought of what first, a social network? Sorry that has been a longstanding idea in digital media. Snowboard specific sites, niche sites of any flavor only have so much pull with audience overall.

  12. Anonymous
    February 06, 2009

    How do you wear gloves with a jacket with elastic cuffs???!!!!? UMMM