Die Cuts!

17 Feb, 2009

I thought about getting stickers for a while and finally at SIA the opportunity arose that made the timing perfect. I had heard of Ink Monstr because they did MTNOPS die cuts and I liked how they turned out. While at SIA, I met Reed Silberman the genius behind Ink Monstr and he’s the awesome rider in the Spacecraft bunny costume. I was really impressed with Ink Monstr’s creations and it was wise to get the stickers through them. Last week while I was at Keystone my stickers arrived and since then I have been passing them out to friends and really happy with how they came out.

So if you want a die cut sticker mailed to you, send an email to with your mailing address (anywhere around the world), include how many stickers, what colors (white, black, blue, green, orange) you would like and I’ll mail them to you. Don’t worry about SASE or anything else, I’m happy to have people love the blog and want a sticker!
There are 5 colors of die cut stickers: White, Popsicle Orange, Fun Green, Shay Blue and Black.
Just a heads up…I have more ideas for stickers and definitely there will be more creations with some sayings that my “creative marketing team” aka my friends and I come up with. Most stickers ideas come from long gondola rides or drives from Steamboat to Summit County so I expect lots of more creative sessions in the future.
I’m looking forward to the day that I spot a sticker in some random place and I have never met the person.

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