Steamboat 2/8/09

08 Feb, 2009

Ever have one of those days where you feel like you stepped back in your progression? Where you just suck? Yeah today was that day for me.

I’ve been working to make up time off to do cool snowboard things so today I worked and took a ride break. Since no one was around, I just lapped the superpipe since that keeps me happy and I can listen to music while riding alone.

While lapping superpipe I had some good falls and by good falls I mean snow down my jacket and pants and it felt like I had gone back 10 steps in my riding pipe. Definitely not on my game and frustrated at myself.

Steamboat isn’t known for it’s park, but it’s been good to see them start to step it up this year offering a variety of features. It doesn’t compare to Keystone or Breck but it’s a good step for our mountain.

More log jibs in the park and in Rabbit Ears Park
In the Rabbit Ears Park there is a smaller log jib feature
The Quarterpipe off the jump line
Coming down from the superpipe there’s a mailbox jib up the hill
Jump line and rail line

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