Union Bindings 2009-2010

03 Feb, 2009

Union bindings comes back in 2009-2010 for year five.  It seems unlikely that it’s been only 5 years because they consistently come out with a dedicated binding to all levels of shredders, of all types and skills.  It’s not hard to miss a Union binding on the mountain, each year the brand grows stronger and you can’t miss the occasional bright lite color they put out.  

Last year they added Danny Kass to the team and he receives his own pro model binding.  Just last week they added Gigi Ruf to the team and his amazing riding will no doubt add valuable input to the company.

Danny Kass
This binding looks a lot better in person than on a photo.  It reminds me of the monster jacket, something built out of fun and humor in snowboarding.

Union Force-MC, Union Force-SL

Union Cadet-DLX, Union Cadet Re-Union, Union Trilogy
I’ll note the Re-Union is focusing on being more environmentally friendly by re-using recycled EVA, excess pieces and byproduct material created by the production of the other bindings.  I like to think of it as the Frankenstein binding, bunch of different things to create one binding.

Union Cadet-lady

Union Contact and Union Cadet-DLX

Up-close look at the Union Contact
While I traded in my contacts for forces, it doesn’t mean I dislike the binding.  I liked it a lot but in the end for all mountain riding it was too soft for me.  Others love it because of how soft it is.  Gets an upgrade to leather straps for 09-10.

Union Force and Union Contact
The Forces comes in a green color for 09-10 which is not pictured here.  

Up Close look at the Union Data (Rasta)

Union Force SL and Union Data 

Union Milan

While there are no significant changes to the Union line, it looks like another year of solid bindings with colorways that offer up a variety to the consumer.  

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  1. Damian
    February 04, 2009

    I’m pretty sure Snowboard Mag called the Danny Kass a contact biding? Does that sound like what you saw?

  2. Shralp
    February 04, 2009

    Pretty sure the Kass binding is the Contact tray and the Force highback.

    Loving the green Force’s.

  3. Shayboarder
    February 04, 2009

    It’s not the entire Contact binding, Shralp is correct.

    Here’s what it says about it, “Basing it off the Contact chassis, Danny
    infused the baseplate and highback of his binding with carbon
    fiber for added performance and weight reduction.”

  4. Nose Dradamous
    February 04, 2009


    Significant changes are totally new redesigned ratchets thru out the line. Double springs keep the reefing effect away.

    Refining of the line would be the motto for this season. Eva in all the straps have been stepped up bigtime. Recycled nylon and Eva binding called the Re-Union, first of it’s kind. Brand new women’s Milan, much like the Contact but for the ladies.

    Entry level Cadet DLX is off the charts for it’s price.

    Lifetime warranty on all Union baseplates.

    Kass’s binding is a Contact baseplate but carbon injected adding some stiffness to it. Then combo it with a Data highback gives it the support that Danbo wants in the pipe. Light and supportive was the goal.

    Enjoy and thank you.

  5. Shayboarder
    February 04, 2009

    Thanks Johan for the corrections! I gotta try out the Milan again this year.

  6. Black Rob
    February 10, 2009

    Best bindings out there.

  7. yotaiji012
    February 12, 2009

    you know if they gonna use leather…instead of that fake crap. I have two pairs of cmyk bindings one boxed up never used. one i used for a season (weekend warrior) that turned to rags. I mean the price they charge for bindings the least they could do is get cheap leather from china. Dont care if its cat leather just something that wont turn to rags…

  8. mike
    June 19, 2009

    in your opinion, what is the best bindings or Union bindings out there for my bannana board for an all terrain rider.