And the Capita Indoor Survival Contest winner is…

24 Mar, 2009

Last week I did a snowboard giveaway with to give my readers the chance to explain why they love snowboarding to win a Capita Indoor Survival.  I received some really great submissions and it was tough narrowing it down to a winner.  I want to thank everyone who participated in the contest, the stories, photos, videos were amazing to check out.  Huge thanks to sierra for the snowboard giveaway!

Finally the winner is….Mariana
Mariana’s submission introduced her as a progressing rider, in love with being on snow.  It wasn’t so much the words that won me over, but the video of their 2008 season on snow in Tahoe.  Many of us remember the first season on snow, the falls, the struggle of learning and what really comes from it is loving something that goes beyond bruises, scrapes, pain, soreness…loving something that you can’t let go of, having fun with it and enjoying it for yourself.  The video reminded me of all that so i’m giving Mariana the Capita Indoor Survival.
Here is their submission and the video:
I’m a Florida girl recently turned into a west coaster along with my husband and one of our best friends (also Florida kids!). Growing up, outdoor time had tropical undertones and palm trees. Nor Cal traded in palm trees for snow covered pines and the opportunity to snowboard (skiing was never even an option!). To say an obsession was born is an understatement. From December to April, months are measured in days on the mountain and I wonder how I ever really lived without mountains nearby. I love snowboarding because of that feeling you get when you’re on first chair and the mountain looks likes your personal playground. I love it because of the feeling you get when you finally land a new trick. I love it because it’s usually the three of us and I get to show that the ladies can keep up with the guys! I love it because it’s an awesome time with my friends and in one short year I’ve found something that I’ll never stop doing.

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  1. David
    March 25, 2009


  2. David
    March 25, 2009

    ps. i call second dibs!

  3. Anonymous
    March 25, 2009

    u deserve that board u obviousley tried super hard i mean seriousley u tried way to hard haha