DC Outerwear 2009-2010

29 Mar, 2009

Functionality, performance and visual enhancement are what DC outerwear brings to the table. Whether you like the rocket pop (remember that), glow in the park, DC board graphics or colors that are less flashy, there is a variety that stand out or don’t stand out on the mountain depending how you like it.
The outerwear technology features a variety of waterproofing and breathability from 3,000 to 20,000 ratings.  Three fit types:  Standard, Standard Long and Standard Slim.  Features such as removable head and waist gaitors, media pocket, removable waist gaitor, recco avalanche rescue system and adjustable length.
DC continues the glow in the park outerwear for it’s second year offering a noticeable kit for night riding, can’t be missed!  This year they expand the series with a variety of designs and colors that will glow in the dark.
Variety of Designs/Colors
On the women’s mannequin:  Pila Jacket and Ace Pants
On the men’s mannequin:  Hestra Jacket and Nisto O Pant
DC Stryn O Jacket
3-in-1 jacket series
Standard Fit
Shell is fully taped
Exotex 8,000mm-10,000 series mm, 10,000gm
Features:  removable head gaitor, media pocket, removable waist gaitor
Colors:  Olive night, Burlap (seen here), camo black
DC Stryn O Jacket Liner Jacket
DC Hestra Jacket

Standard Long Fit
Full Taping/Insulated Liner
Exotex 15,000mm/15,000gm
Features:  Removable Head Gaitor, media pocket, removable waist gaitor
Colors:  Celtic, Fiery Red (seen here), Shadow, camo white
Helix Jacket
Standard Fit
Full Taping/Insulated Liner
Exotex 10,000mm/10,000gm
Features:  Removable head gaitor, removable hood, media pocket, removable waist gaitor
Colors:  Black, Lapis, Olive Night, Gingham Dijon (seen here), Camo White, MLF Character
Helix Jacket in Lapis color
Fernie Pant
Softshell pant with fleece lining
Standard Fit
Insulated Liner
Exotex 10,000mm/10,000gm
Colors:  Platinum, Pendant White (seen here), Black
DC Seli Pant
Glow in the Park
Three layer laminated fully taped
Standard Fit
Exotex 20,000mm/20,000gm
Features:  Recco
Colors:  Mono Plat, Camo Black, MLF Character (seen here)
DC Scope K Women’s One Piece
Exotex 3,000-5,000mm, 3,000gm
Features:  removable hood, removable head gaitor, adjustable length
Colors:  Raspberry, Lapis (seen here)
DC Golte Women’s Jacket
Standard Fit
3 layer laminated Fully Taped Shell Jacket
Exotex 20,000mm/20,000gm
Features:  Recco, removable waist gaitor, media pocket
Colors:  Camo white and monogram plumeria (seen here)
DC Golte Women’s jacket in camo white
DC Sutton Women’s Jacket
Standard Long Fit 3/4 Length
Fully Taped Shell Jacket and Insulated liner
Exotex 10,000mm/10,000gm
Features:  removable hood, removable head gaitor, media pocket
Colors:  Monogram Syrah, Olive Night/Barely Pink (seen here) and Monogram White

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  1. LateBloomer
    March 30, 2009

    Did you try on any of the DC stuff? I tried some of their pants and found they fit at least a size small. I couldn’t get my usual size large over my hips!

  2. Anonymous
    March 30, 2009

    Sorry for double Post:
    Hey Shay. Could you please make a post about the Salomon boot series of 2010 or upload the pics somewhere? I’m especially interested in the Salomon Pledge and the Fusion series if you have pics of them. 🙂
    I’m really interested in their new designs.
    Thanks in Advance.

  3. shane
    June 06, 2009

    hey shay
    iv been trying to find this DC hoodie that this guys wearing in this video
    its at 0:41
    i dunno if its 09 or 10 but i cant find it on there website
    any knowledge would be welcomed

  4. Shayboarder
    June 06, 2009

    Latebloomer, I didn't try on the DC stuff but I just picked up a softshell jacket which does run a bit smaller than 686 jackets I normally wear. Definitely need to try on first.

    Anonymous, Salomon is up and posted but I didn't get photos of everything.

    Shane, It is a this years hoodie. When you go to DC's website and click on men's outerwear, pull up the Spectrum hoodie and then pull up BUY ONLINE. That's how you spot the color but the lettering color isn't blue, it's white so maybe the pro got a special one. Salty Peaks had it in bigger sizes, but the DC online store has it in a medium, check it out

    Hope that helps!

  5. Shredgnar
    August 30, 2009

    What is the Jacket that is Striped green and black? Torstein horgmo Wore it at last years NZ open?
    Also, What is the Blue jacket with yellow sleeves and DC logo? Torstein horgmo Wore it at this years NZ open?
    please respond thanks

  6. August 30, 2009


    I’m not seeing the yellow sleeves jacket and DC logo in the 09-10 catalog, so the best bet to find out would be to ask Torstein himself, he’s got a sweet blog he updates and he’d definitely know what it was he was rocking.