Dragon Optics 2009-2010

16 Mar, 2009

With a mix of sex, drugs and rock & roll…Dragon has it’s place with eyewear that covers all three but also keeps your eyes safe on the snow and off the snow.  Whether it’s the Vice Series, the Red line or the Neapolitan Series…there is a flavor for everyone from low key to extra fun sensory.  09-10 brings out more of the signature series with Leanne Pelosi, Gigi Ruff and Jamie Lynn bringing their individual styles straight to your face.  

Mellow Tort
Drawn from the Rob Machado Experience, the mellow tort represents all things musical, artistic and cultural.  

The Dragon Skullcandy Collaboration goggles
Rogue, DXS and DX

GG Red Ivory Split Sunglass and The D1XT Blue Original Gangsta Goggle

Leanne Pelosi Signature Goggle, Gigi Ruff Signature Goggle and Jamie Lynn Signature Goggle

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