Flow Bindings 2009-2010

28 Mar, 2009

Gone are the days that flows are bulky, heavy and just for beginners.  Each year Flow steps up their binding line to be more lightweight, adjustable and quick access for more riding time. In the flow line, there are bindings for freestyle, freeride or all mountain for both women and men.
In 09-10, Flow continues to design bindings with style that not only look good but make it easier to get in and out.
NXT-AT Highback
Flow M9SE
Flow M9
Flow Minx
Flow Minx
Flow Essence
Flow Essence up close
Flow Prima
Flow Minx SE
Flow Minx SE close up

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  1. GraysOnTrays
    March 28, 2009

    Sigh. That’s sick. And I mean that in the old-school sense of the term. I love Flow bindings, and won’t use anything else. But why the neon colors? Sorry, Flow; I’m interested in ease of use and performance, not steeze.

    Color me disappointed.

    I’d like to be back in black.

  2. Shayboarder
    March 28, 2009

    Remember it’s just a preview, there are other colors not just the ones above.

  3. GraysOnTrays
    March 29, 2009

    That’s encouraging. I hope I can still get black next time I’m in the market for bindings.

  4. carlo
    March 29, 2009

    hey shay, awesome photos!! couple of questions. i noticed (by looking real closely) that the straps on the inside of the bindings have holes in them as opposed to the other side (facing the camera) do not. is this a design change of the bindings? if so, thats a bid change for flow bindings.

    also, are you going to post photos of their 2010 snowboard lineup?

    thanks, love you site, keep up the good work!!

  5. Anonymous
    April 14, 2009

    Nice one … Quick question: are you aware if Flow is going to make any of their bindings Burton ICS compatible?
    I would like to get rid of the EST bindings, but keep the Custom X board 🙂

  6. August 23, 2009

    Carlo, I put up the 2010 snowboard line up photos and the flow website is live now. You did notice a design change that some of the bindings have two locking mini ratchets instead of 4 locking mini ratchets.

    Anonymous, good question and I do not know the answer. I would call up Flow to see if they have a ICS compatible disc.

  7. Connor Paulson
    February 11, 2010

    Yo! Flow is making ICS discs so that any new NXT or M series bindings are compatible with the channel. Just found it out and was dropping knowledge to the wondering masses

  8. TBach
    March 26, 2010

    Connor, are you sure Flow is making ICS compatible discs for the NXT’s? They do have a disc out right now but it’s only for Flite, H and M series bindings.