K2 Bindings 2009-2010

23 Mar, 2009

K2 bindings have stepped outside of the box to bring snowboarders not just one but three different binding styles to help you get into and out of your bindings. The auto series that feature one ratche with two straps, the cinch series that offer rear entry, quick in and out and the standard binding for those of us who like it just the way it is.

K2 focused on more tool less adjustment for their bindings, making it easier to make adjustments on the mountain without a tool, lighter highbacks and harshmellow to bring more dampening under your feet when riding. My own favorite of K2, the hinge mount which moves the straps away from the binding…making it easier to get strapped in without straps in the way.

K2 Men’s Bindings line up
Top to Bottom: Auto Ever, Auto, Auto Uprise, Formula and Sonic

K2 Women’s line up
Top to Bottom: Auto Agogo, Virtue, Virtue, Charm

K2 Formula
New for 09-10 is a pro-fusion chassis and multi-position ankle strap
Colors: Black, Yellow, Black/White (seen here)

K2 Auto Uprise
Auto technology with an asymmetric airframe highback and harshmellow shockpads are just some of the features of the Auto Uprise.
Colors: Black, Teal (seen here)

K2 Auto
Complete upgrade from last year with airlock highback (lighter), cored caddy strap and canted footbeds.

K2 Virtue
Same solid virtue but with a new airlace highback

K2 Auto Agogo
Continues with the same design but with a new airlace highback and harshmellow shockpads
Colors: Black (seen here)

Now patented, the K2 cinch technology line continues with the men’s cinch ctx, cinch cts, cinch ctc and women’s cinch tryst and cinch vette. With tool less toe straps on the cinch bindings, it’s now easier to adjust on the mountain.

K2 Binding Overview

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  1. Anonymous
    March 24, 2009

    Does anyone know if any of the K2 Pro Shreds use the Auto bindings – they seem like a good idea, but can they take the a?buse

  2. Anonymous
    March 26, 2009

    I love my 08/09 Formulas but from the looks of the pics it appears as if K2 moved to a unibody construction?

    Booo on that