POW Gloves 2009-2010

11 Mar, 2009

Inside the POW office is a wall of ideas about glove names, from the obscene to fun to classic names…these guys have it covered. Straight out of the Northwest, POW has a range of gloves for snowboarding to cover spring conditions to winter conditions on the slopes. They even cover you in the summer for biking and golf.
The fun gloves are the high 5 and mustacheo, making any day on snow a day playing with your friends. The borat high 5 to the mustache in the life line. The obscene, I hope I don’t educate people on what the shocker is…but the gloves tell it like it is. The classics are always with POW, the gloves on cold days you know will stay dry and keep you warm.
The 09-10 collection of POW gloves

POW Zerow and Shocker

Pow Mustacheo, High 5 and Zerow
Using the hand skills

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  1. Han
    March 12, 2009

    I have the shockers thanks to you shayboarder. i completely forgot they existed til i read your blog again, awesome gloves and my next pair of pows are mustachios or high fives or maybe some mittens, im totally done with grenades.

  2. Ali
    March 17, 2009

    I have the high 5’s and the Tormenta mitts. High 5’s are great except of the material that joins the palm leather and the waterproof stuff that covers the back of your hand, ruins the glove a bit. I hope they re-design that part for next season. Otherwise I’m riding with POW from now on thanks to your promo Shay.

  3. Shayboarder
    March 18, 2009

    Awesome to hear, yeah I tend to stick with my spring pows like the skinny and high 5 on really warm days and don’t touch the snow that often.

    Ali, definitely mention that to POW about the material. I know they like to hear feedback and what to improve upon.