Riding with Monument Snowboards Day 1

28 Mar, 2009

Earlier this week Chad from Monument emailed me to let me know that Dave the co-owner and some of the Monument team would be in Breckenridge this weekend.  I spoke with Dave and made plans to head down to tag along with the crew and check out the boards while riding with them.  Dave’s been blogging on the Monument site as well about the experience.

Today we managed to get out by 8am to a jump outside Breckenridge that the guys had built for some filming and photos.   It was fun watching behind the scenes of a company getting film and footage of their riders.
Jeremy aka Deafjam and Dave
Monument Snowboards
The boys checking out the jump
Forrestor set up for filming from down below
Jeremy charging down

I watched Jeremy and Fink scope out the jump and get ready to start hitting it.

I remained on the side with Connor who would call out drops and make everything flow between filming and the riders.  Dave and I took photos at different spots.

There were my two best photos I took today, it was rad just watching everything go down and these riders hitting it.
Fink’s method
Jeremy’s tail grab
Connor looking down at Fink, Jeremy and Dave

After sessioning the jump, we headed to Breckenridge to ride there for the rest of the day.   This was the perfect opportunity to ride with the guys and be able to try the Monument Momento Mori board.

This was really my first time to ride Breckenridge outside of the park and Peak 8.  A couple of the guys we rode with know Breckenridge, so it was a lot of fun getting the tour of Breck outside the park.

Fink hitting one of the log rails

We headed in at lunch to take a break, enjoy some beer and food.  Drago came and joined us for the festivities and came out riding with us to finish off the day.   I’ll have a review of the Monument Momento Mori coming up soon.

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  1. EeZeEpEe
    March 28, 2009

    Sick pics of the method and the tail grab!

  2. Anonymous
    March 29, 2009

    That would be Memento Mori I guess.