Riding with Monument Snowboards Day 2

29 Mar, 2009

I came down to Breckenridge to spend the weekend riding with the Monument crew, yesterday was the first day and today was another fun day on the mountain.
Dave, Jeremy, Connor and myself made it up to ride this morning, it took some time to get ready and to Breckenridge but we made it.  I did watch a hilarious scraping job by Jeremy to make it all worth it.  I spent today riding the 153 Monument 777 which I’ll be reviewing soon.
Connor riding through the trees

Connor showed us some fun log jibs from the big size to the smaller size ones.  This one was broken and had a gap in between, with some nails sticking out.  Jeremy didn’t cease to amaze me that he would hit it, luckily he missed the nails.

Yesterday I stayed out of the spraying game, but today I was full force ready to go with the 777.  Dave got me pretty good, Jeremy got me pretty good.  But I made sure to get them back, got Dave the best at the base with the heavy slushy snow that went up his nose.  Wish I had a photo or recorded that.
Dave showing off the new moose look that’s in
The guys are synchronized snowboarders

We met up with a crew of people for lunch and to chill.  One of the girls had her gloves stolen while in the restroom and found them at a table outside with people.  She didn’t confront just grabbed them back.  Not cool that shit happens.

On a side note, it was my first time spotting an Ed Hardy shirt in public.  Before SIA I had never heard of this company and I had never seen one in person.   I still am baffled by it all.
After lunch we headed to Freeway to get some photos of Jeremy.  The guys spotted a good spot off the side to launch and get some air.
Jeremy’s method from my angle

While taking photos, I took a photo of my gloves today.  My high 5’s have the finger splitting at the seam on the right hand, I think from the edge of my board and holding it.  Now it’s a photog glove.

After watching Jeremy, I decided to try the quarterpipe.  Consider this practice for the Holy Oly, Bridges and Kaiser told me I should have tried to ride it this year and I never ride quarterpipe so I didn’t find it to be a good idea.

My first attempt at Quarterpipe
Photo:  Dave Tran
I got better after a couple tries, just gotta get used to it.  For some reason superpipe comes naturally, but quarterpipe doesn’t come naturally.  I’ll keep working on it, so next year at Holy Oly I can actually ride it.
Getting better
Photo: Dave Tran

We ended the day after a bad crash but luckily with no injuries.  I took off and left Breckenridge and drove back to Steamboat through white-out conditions.  Luckily I was warned by a friend that the roads might be bad.  Either way it was a fun weekend of shredding and the Monument guys were great to hang out with.

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  1. CoMclovin
    March 29, 2009

    Looks like an awesome time!! Thanks for sharing! I’ll have to check out the Monument boards!

  2. Huckleberry Hart
    April 04, 2009

    MNMT has a method. Good stuff.