Rome Bindings and Boots 2009-2010

20 Mar, 2009

Five years has gone by since Rome introduced their snowboard bindings, each year they expand the line, create new bindings and continually work on how their bindings function and perform on the mountain. By desigining bindings for the 100-day rider, Rome has gone above and beyond to create bindings that are suitable for a variety of riding and skill levels but also they are made to last the journey with you.

Since the introduction of their boot line, Rome continues to bring their own touch to their snowboard boots and feature them with regular lacing or boa lacing.

Rome Arsenal (Black), United (Red) and Shift (Green)
Men’s Bindings
Rome Targa Bindings (White Splatter)
Rome Addictive Collection Binding

Rome 390 Death of Creativity

Red is the left foot, white is the right foot
Women’s Rome Smith Boa Boot and Rome Shift Bindings
Men’s Rome Shift binding (Green) and Women’s Rome Madison Binding (White Fade)
Women’s Madison and Women’s Strut
Rome Boot Collection
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