Salomon Bindings 2009-2010

05 Mar, 2009

With the one of a kind Relay system, Salomon continues to step it up by designing bindings to make less of an impact on the globe. Apart from their environmental approach, they introduced a lighter base plate for 09-10 and bright colors/designs to set the bindings apart.
Two new bindings are the men’s Arcade and women’s Stella which feature Salomon’s new slasher baseplate and fly back highback. The slasher is their lightest weight baseplate at 100g lighter than the transfer baseplate.
The GIFT (Green Initiative for Tomorrow) is integrated into their bindings by using bioplastics and recycled materials.
Salomon Arcade

Salomon Arnie 5000

Salomon Chief Select

The men’s Relay Pro and Relay GIFT for women are the eco-sensitive bindings. They are basic steps to cut down on the need for virgin raw materials. Corn based polymers replace petroleum based raw materials in the straps. In the factory, any extra material is now reground instead of headed to the dumpster and turned into a 100% recycled base plate.
Salomon Relay Pro-Gift

Salomon Relay-Gift

Salomon Stella
Women’s Binding

Salomon Relay-Ring
Women’s Binding

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