Snowboard Review: 09-10 GNU B-PRO C2 BTX

05 Mar, 2009

Location: Keystone, Colorado

Snow Conditions: Bluebird with hardpacked groomers.

Setup: I rode the GNU B-PRO C2 with Union Forces and my Rome Vamps size 8.

First Impression: I liked this ride a lot better than when I rode the dark with C2, I think the detuning improved it for me a lot more.

Size: 152cm

Weight: lighter than average

Flex: It felt like a stiffer board than last years, but just a tad stiffer and more torsionally. I still wouldn’t classify it as a stiff women’s board, it’s on the high end of medium flex. I found it still easy to press the tail of the board and with the stiffer nose it made it a really stable ride when going through chop and charging, never noticed the nose being unstable. Over the really bumpy, bad crud I noticed it wasn’t as stable but that was the only time I encountered that.

Turning: Despite it being the B-pro, Barrett Christy pro model it’s an easier ride than it seems especially when turning. Easy to initiate turns and it’s stable during long radius turns but you can still really carve it into shorter turns with no issues. The magne traction helps with the edge hold and I like mine detuned so it’s less grippy, less holding me into the turns when I ride.

Stable: The B-pro is already a really stable board for women and with the C2 it makes it more freeride focused and less freestyle but offers up better stability for charging the mountain.

Pop: I didn’t any problems with popping off small rollers on this board. It was still pressable on the nose and tail, definitely a little less pressable than when it was just BTX.

Switch: Didn’t have riding switch be an issue, easy to transition around into switch and no catching motions when riding.

Overall Impression: I think the C2 definitely makes this a better board, still very stable and a fun ride. It just charges which is great for women riders to have a board like this.

Shay’s Honesty Box: I love the B-pro, it’s one of my favorite women’s boards and a board I love riding at demo’s even when it’s a smaller size. I never feel like it’s that small and it still impresses me when I charge with it.

*This Review was done in February 2009, please be aware that products may change.

Ready to buy? Head over to evo for the 2011 version of the GNU B-PRO C2 BTX or shop their full line of GNU snowboards

On-snow Photos
GNU B-PRO C2 BTX Description

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  1. eek3
    March 06, 2009

    Great review!

    I demo’d the 147 version of this board and the 151 Ally BTX when Mervin Mfg was at Whistler a couple weeks ago.

    I’ve been anxious to get a BTX board (have MTX right now), and the 2010 B-Pro is at the top of my wishlist! …actually, it’s the only one on my list. 🙂

  2. Esser
    November 04, 2009

    I’ve been told too scale down in size for this board. I really want it, but am concerned on the length.

    I ride a 147 Rome now and it’s a bit too small. I’d like to go with the 149 BTX, but I don’t want to feel like it’s too long and I can’t control it, especially in the park, which I just got into. But I also have many trips this year that will involve backcountry powder and want to bring this board.

    So is it best to go bigger with the 149, which is a good length for me, or will I feel like I am drowning on it in the park and therefore should go with the 146, which jut seems SO small!


  3. November 04, 2009


    You can definitely size down with it if you want to, I was riding a lot smaller size than I should have been and still felt great on it.

    What’s your weight? That will help tell a lot about what size to get. If you think you’ll feel better on the 149 and especially in powder/backcountry then I would go for it since the next size is smaller than you are used to.

  4. Esser
    November 16, 2009


    Thanks for the advice.

    I am 120, 5’3″, but I like to ride fast. I used to ski race, but am just getting into the park too. I think I’d like to go with the 149, but do you think it will feel funky in the park with the extra length and reverse camber?

    Thanks! LOVE your blog!!!!!

  5. November 16, 2009


    You’ll be fine on the 149cm. It won’t be too funky in the park since the reverse camber will still give you a lot more play. And it will let you ride fast. If you plan to do a lot of park riding then the 146cm would work but honestly if you feel the 147cm is small then I’d just ride the 149 and the reverse camber will help in the park to make it easier on you.

  6. Esser
    November 16, 2009

    Cool! Thanks! I think I’ll go with the 149 then. I am a part-time park rider, free rider at heart! I am stoked for this board!!! I’ve never rode reverse camber, so it will be a true adventure here in Vermont this winter.

    Are you going to the Dew Tour stop in Breckenridge? I work in the industry and would love to meet up if you go!


  7. November 16, 2009


    I think you’ll be more comfortable on the 149cm. Sounds like me, part time park rider and freerider at heart! Definitely let me know how you like it once you get it on snow, I think for women’s boards it’s one of them that I certainly stand by and enjoy riding everytime.

    I just looked into going and seeing about getting press credentials. Sometimes as a blogger it’s hard to get into those events but I definitely hope to make it down for some of it. We’ll definitely have to meet up, would love that!

  8. Esser
    November 23, 2009

    Cool! Let me know if you end up going! Would love to meet up too!

    Cheers! AND think snow!


  9. November 23, 2009


    I’m golden on the Dew Tour so I’ll come down for it that weekend. Shoot me an email, and we’ll exchange numbers so we can meet up.

    Stoked on snow!

  10. Gritter
    January 19, 2010


    First off, you are awesome! I love your reviews – thanks so much for taking time to demo boards and do your write-ups. I started boarding last year on a super-flexy park board (Burton Blender). I’ve decided, however, that I really just like blazing down the mountain rather than riding the park. When I read your review I felt the GNU B-Pro C2BTX sounded like the perfect board for my interests. I’m also in the NW and my little park board slips like crazy on our cruddy, icy mountains, which is unnerving at rocket speed. I’ve been having a hard time deciding the length of the board to get and was wondering if you could give me some pointers. I’m 5’5″ and weigh 135 pounds. My current board is a 148. I was leaning towards the 149, but a few folks have told me I should size down due to the C2BTX (getting the 146). But others say, size up to the 152 for control at higher speeds. Since I just started last year, I’m not the most skilled boarder (not even close) but I like to ride hard. Any thoughts you have would be really appreciated!!


  11. January 19, 2010


    Thank you so much for the great words on the site! The GNU B-pro is a solid board and the mtx would help on the cruddy conditions and charging through them. Your weight is best on a 149-152cm, I’d say stick with the 149cm since it’s not much of an adjustment and you can still charge with it. 152cm will be on the larger size spectrum and might be more of an adjustment and push you harder as a rider to control. 146cm is just small for a girl who wants to charge at your weight and for NW mountains, you’ll over grow that size too quick.

    Hope that helps!

  12. Alex
    February 16, 2010


    Love your reviews, hard trying to do research when there isnt that much out there for the ladies.

    I’m 5’5/110 lbs and have a ’08/09 147 Roxy Ally MTX which I love. Starting to look for a new board simply for a different feel. Ride mainly on the east coast so I’m gonna stick with Mervin’s MTX (love it). Havent ventured to the park yet, but am trying to make my way. Was thinking about the B-St to have something to mess around on, but the B Pro was another suggestion, what are your thoughts?

  13. February 17, 2010

    Alex, I hear you on that there’s less out there for women, good to know this site helps.

    Definitely makes sense to stick with MTX since you love it and helps on the icy conditions. Are you more of a freeride/charger or cruiser/play around on the mountain currently? Definitely if you plan to ride park more, the b-street is more playful or consider the roxy eminence (same board different graphic, sizes, has mtx) in the BTX models but if you want charging/freeriding, the B-pro would be a better choice. So really depends on your style of riding and what your looking for.

  14. Greensmoochy
    February 22, 2010

    Hi Shay,

    I’ve been reading your reviews and your suggestions regarding this board and I am completely excited to try it. Thank you Thank you!!! However the only issue is the board is quite long for what I have been riding and what I imagine I would be used to. I am 5’3″/125lbs and currently ride a 144 board. Do you think it would be difficult to transition to a longer board? Lots of comments have been made to scale down… In terms of my skills, I’m able to ride fast & carve well but haven’t progressed to do much of the terrain park stuff – I mainly ride on the northeast (icey at times). Many Thanks!

  15. WeekendSurfer
    February 22, 2010


    Great review.

    I’m a dude 5’11 170lbs shoe size 10. I have a burton custom X 164 as my freeride board and my wife has an traditional 10 year old ride timeless camber board 152 which I want to sell off and get a b-pro in 155 c2btx or btx regular. I’m also considering the gnu mens riders choice 154.5 and gnu park pickle 153 or 156.

    I’m thinking of using the b-pro board for her when she comes out (rarely) and also serving as freestyle park board for me ;). I dont own a “quiver” but would like to have one and this is my ticket for an excuse to have one. I hope its not too big for her and the banana rocker should help her turn initiate turns easier. She is a beginner. My wife is 5’8 around 130(?) pounds with woman shoe size 9. Her problem is that she picks up good moement and keeps heel side carving. I’m trying to get her to break that habit and start doing more toe side carves.

    Any advise you can provide regarding getting c2btx or just standard btx mervin boards in general?


  16. Britt
    February 23, 2010

    Hi Shay! Thanks for the review of this snowboard. I have been looking for a new board for a while, but have had trouble making a decision. I am currently riding a K2 Luna, and was looking at Mervin boards. At first I was leaning toward the Lib-Tech bananas, but they are not women specific. I am a little big for a woman, 5’4 and 145lbs, so I thought I could ride a men’s board but am not sure about that because I have always rode on women-specific boards (does weight matter when choosing between gender-specific snowboards or just height?). Then I looked at the Gnu boards and fell in love with the B-Pro series. However, I am confused on the difference between the B-Pro BTX and the B-Pro C2BTX. I understand that C2 is a camber system but am not sure what that would do for me as a rider. I currently am an intermediate/expert rider, and love tearing down the steep slopes and challenging mountain terrain. I ride in any conditions and generally stay away from the parks, although I want a board with room to learn that could play around a little on the jumps even though I don’t plan to become advanced in that area. Can you make a suggestion for me?


  17. Jessica
    March 06, 2010

    Hi Shay, I stumbled across your site while I was searching out some info on the differences between B-Pro BTX and the B-Pro C2BTX and I found your review really helpful. There just isn’t enough good information out there for women’s boards!

    So, this is my second season and I’ve been using a learner board lent to me from a friend. Its a Division 23 148 and I know for a fact that its pretty old even though its in good shape. It is rather rigid and definately too short for my height/weight seeing as I’m 5’9″ and roughly 160. I would say that I am past beginner in skill level and into the intermediate range. I love floating in the powder, into the chop, and just carving down the runs. I’m not too interested in the park, maybe I’ll explore it in the next season or two. After all that, I know I want to move up to a 152 and my question really is about which board to pick up. I’m set on either the B-Pro BTX or the B-Pro C2BTX, with a leaning toward the C2 because of the camber and its more a freeride board while the BTX is more freestyle board. Any advice or suggestions? Does the camber really matter for what I’ll be using it for?



  18. March 06, 2010

    Green, I think you’ll find the 146cm fine especially for your weight and riding style, more freeride focus. If you like to go fast and carve, you’ll find the longer length a improvement. Are you able to demo it before you buy it?

    Weekend, Thanks! For freeriders, C2 is the way to go. For park/freestyle BTX is super fun and playful. Both boards handle powder but C2 gives you a stable feeling when riding and offers up a versatile board. Definitely sounds like it’s time for your wife to get that new board and you guys to have a quiver together.

    Britt, Lib Tech actually has the narrow skate banana which is meant for women, that would be a consideration if you want a park board. You are not big, don’t even worry about that. Women can ride men’s boards but it also helps if you have the boot size and weight to match the men’s board. I ride men’s boards all the time, I have the weight and my boot size can handle most of the men’s boards waist width’s. So depends a lot on the rider and what you want/used to. Awesome on loving the B-pro so far, C2 is rocker camber so it gives you the slight playfulness of rocker with the stability of camber. Rocker is just plain playfulness, loosey feeling and fun for park riding. For your riding style, C2 is the better match and would allow you to ride a variety of conditions like pow to freeriding to park if it came down to it.

    Jessica, totally agree on the women’s information and glad to make this site something of value for women. Awesome on the learner board, that definitely is wise to do and make sure you enjoy snowboarding. The small size makes it easy to learn on but also good you are looking for a new board to progress with. 152cm is a good size to invest in especially if you want some powder turns it’ll help keep you up with the longer length. For what you’ve mentioned the C2 seems like the better fit and will give you more stability for your freeriding than the BTX. If you wanted to go into park sooner and really get into it, I’d say the BTX. Either board will help in powder and you won’t have to work as hard to stay afloat. You’ll find the longer length 152 some adjustment from your learner board but you’ll be amazed at how fast and charging you can go plus it’ll help you progress those intermediate turns. It’ll definitely be a lot stiffer than that board so just to prepare you some adjustment when you first get on it.

  19. Tara
    March 07, 2010

    Hi Shay,

    Did you get a chance to try the Roxy Eminence C2BTX? I’m trying to figure out how that board compares to the B-Pro C2BTX. I tried the B-Pro and loved it (except for the snake graphic), but Mervin didn’t have the Eminence available at our demo day.

  20. Jessica
    March 07, 2010

    Thanks Shay! I’m really excited to take the C2 out on the mountain and progress my boarding skills. Now all I have to figure out is boots and bindings and I’m good to go!


  21. March 08, 2010

    Tara, I have not had the chance to ride the eminence with C2 yet. I was able to ride the ollie pop C2 for the first time which is the less aggressive, more forgiving, do it all board in the line up…I can see why it’s popular. Eminence is more playful, mix of freestyle focus but can still charge and ride powder in but that was with BTX. Bummer they didn’t have it at your demo day, I’ll see if I can try it soon to get a comparision.

    Jessica, Awesome! Make sure you get good fitting comfortable boots! Try on lots of brands to see what fits your foot the best, that’s the only way to know for sure.

  22. Rita
    March 10, 2010

    Hi Shay,
    Can’t say enough great things about your site!!
    I’ve been thinking about this board a lot for next year. I’m thinking I’ll purchase it on closeout over the summer, so I probably won’t get to demo by the end of this year. I’m 5’2″-125 and currently ride a 150 med-flex board. I’m torn between the 149 and 152 for next year. I’m an all mountain, backcountry, Pac. NW conditions, go fast girl who will only venture into the park on “forgiving” days. Any suggestions between the two sizes? THANKS SO MUCH!!

  23. March 22, 2010

    Rita, thanks so much! You’ll definitely find the board great for all mountain,backcountry and NW conditions. Just curious what’s your boot size? That will help decide which size since you might want the narrower waist on the smaller size.

  24. Nina
    April 02, 2010

    Hi Shay,

    Thanks for putting together the reviews. It really helps us girls out there deciding on the boards.

    I’m an all mountain, haven’t stepped into the park. I really like the GNU BTX and MTX technologies. I’m 5’1 and 115 lb. The smallest size the B-Pro BTX and C2BTX is 146. Would they be too big for me? I looked at Roxy boards too, which have the same technology. The Roxy Envi is quite comparable to these two GNU boards on specs, but the smallest size is 147. The Eminence does have smaller sizes. How do you think the eminence compare to the two GNU boards?

    Many thanks!

  25. April 04, 2010

    Hey Nina,

    No problem, glad to help out anyway that I can.

    I’d say on size 145-147 is fine for you since you plan to be all mountain and no park. What mountain do you normally ride and where on the mountain, just groomers or do you ride trees, powder, fast bomber runs? Roxy is made by Mervin manufacturing so same as GNU. B-pro is a wider waist width so I’d make sure it matches your boot size, but the envi definitely can hold it’s own. Eminence is more forgiving, all mountain to park ride. I’m currently riding that board right now.

  26. Nina
    April 04, 2010

    Hi Shay,

    This is my first year snowboarding. I really love it so have been out quite a bit this season. I’ve been all over the west coast but will likely be in the northwest most of the time in the future. I’ve been on groomers but got lucky to get on a couple of feet powder. I just like to go down the mountain as fast as I can =) I wear size 6 boots. I am trying to decide between the Eminence 143, GNU BTX 146 and the Envi 147. Any suggestions? Many thanks and happy Easter!

  27. Kush
    April 06, 2010

    hey shay, thanks for your blog, i love reading your reviews! i’m looking at buying a new board and i’m a little confused on which one to buy. i’m looking for a playful board that i can butter with and take into the park, but i also enjoy just cruising round the mountain, and im looking for something that ill be able to ride the powder with aswell. I’m 5’7 and 158 pounds. i was looking at the Gnu B-Pro but any other board suggestions? and, what size do you think i should go?


  28. Nina
    April 06, 2010

    Jumped in a got the GNU BTX 146. Can’t wait to take it out!!

  29. Rita
    April 09, 2010

    Boot size = womens 8

  30. Angela M
    May 12, 2010

    Hey Shay

    Love your reviews, very helpful. I think I have decided on buying the gnu b pro, but im not sure if I should get the c2 btx or just the btx. Im also not sure what size to get. I am an intermediate rider, love charging all over the mountain, and just beginning to get into jumps and rails – really keen to advance here, want to be able to jump off everything I find, so want something with lots of pop. I love the idea of the magne traction and the rocker, Im just not sure about the camber at the ends. I am happy to spend a lot on a board but only want to do this once, want a board that I wont outgrow anytime soon. Im about 5’5 and about 143 pounds with a size 9 boot. I have been riding a 151, wondering if I should go a bit shorter with the rocker or not. Any other boards you think I should look at? Thanks for your help Shay, you are awesome, and are helping so many riders around the world 🙂

  31. May 12, 2010

    Nina, awesome great to hear on your new board! Let me know how you like it!

    Kush, definitely a reverse camber would let you do all of the above, park, powder, cruising. B-pro is on the more aggressive end so won’t be as playful as the roxy eminence, never summer infinity might be a good all mountain option as well. What’s your riding level?

    Rita, I’d go 152 if you can since you want a charging board and it’ll be fine with your boot size.

    Angela, thank you! Definitely the B-pro sounds like it would suit you just fine, especially charging and it works for your boot size. If you feel comfortable with the 151 I’d stick with that size, the reverse camber will give you playfulness and any smaller you’ll lose some stability. For C2 or BTX, depends on what you want, BTX will be more playful but C2 is more stable. If the majority of your riding is freeriding, charging and some park…then go C2. If the majority is park, rails, play and some charging then go BTX. Either way you’ll have fun, i’ve ridden both and love both…each has their own positives/negatives.

  32. crystal
    August 10, 2010

    Hey Shay,

    You just made choosing a board SOOO much easier, awesome site!! I really want to get the B-Pro but I live in Australia and everywhere seems to be out of it. We normally get most of our stuff alot cheaper off sierra or dogfunk websites but even they are out of it. Just wondering if you know of anywhere that I could get it sent from or that may have more in stock?


  33. September 25, 2010


    There’s a couple searches on froogle that show up with the gnu b-pro, I’d look there and you might have to go for this years 10-11 versus last years.

  34. sjaak
    October 01, 2010

    Hello Shay,

    Looks like you are a good advisor, so l’d like to ask you a question:

    I am a man, considering to buy a woman’s board because of my small weight and foot size: 148 lb / 7.5. I consider a woman’s board, because I want better edge to edge turning than I’ve experienced on the rentals untill now and better trickability due to lighter / shorter board, still being able to float in snow.

    My riding style: only in the alps of Europe, allmountain freestyle; love doing turns, tricks and jumps, will hit the powder when ever it’s there, only occasionaly in the park but would like the board to perform reasonably there aswell. The board should also perform on groomers and be not to unstable on highspeeds, so I can follow my groom-bombing friends.

    I want a twin-shape board for switch riding and it should be rockered or hybrid.

    Oops, I guess I want a lot in one board 😉
    To summarize things: tricks and jumps, good turns all over the mountain, good in powder, not to bad on highspeed.

    You said you are riding men’s boards aswell because of your weight and foot size. So my questions are:

    Would you recommend a women’s board, like the gnu c2btx?
    What foot size and weight do you have?
    Do you have any other boards for me in mind?

    Much obliged for steeling some of your time,

  35. October 03, 2010


    Definitely can help you out with your question! I definitely know of guys who have switched to riding women’s boards because of their weight/boot size matching women’s boards better.

    For your riding, I wouldn’t go with the GNU B-pro C2. It’s a directional twin board with more freeride/pow focus than you might want. I’d suggest looking at the Lib Tech TRS which comes in smaller narrower sizes meant for women but on a men’s board or the Skate Banana which has the same narrower smaller sizes, look for the N next to the size. The TRS has C2 BTX so I think that would be the best board for you, good all around but still able to charge. The Skate Banana is more freestyle playful with BTX.

  36. Cat
    October 31, 2010

    Hi Shay,

    Your site is the most helpful I have found for ages!

    I have just bought a GNU BPro 2011 board, but it is still in the shop waiting for me to pick up…..I chose the 149, but I have been trying to reasearch and figure out if that is too short for me & should get a 152 instead.

    Still a bit stuck though – I am nearly 6ft tall and weigh 139lbs. I have always ridden longer mens boards, (a 156 2007 Flow The team board and a 159 Flow infinite board before that)…. I have always just been into going fast both piste and powder, but now I want to learn some of the tricky springy things you guys do 😀 on the piste and some small jumps/ollies etc so wanted to get a smaller board as my big boards are too stiff and I am not very strong really.

    Do you think the 149 will be too short and I will feel like I am going over the top of the nose – will it be relatively stable when going fast? Should I get the 152 instead….really bad at making decisions so any help you can offer would be awesome!


  37. October 31, 2010

    Hey Cat,

    Thanks! Sweet on the B-pro! For your height, weight, the 152cm is more suitable for you. I think you’ll find that size suitable for you in most of your riding. Definitely easier to manuever and play with. You’ll get more stability with the 152 than the 149. I’d say if you can go the 152, then do it over the 149.

  38. Han
    November 29, 2010

    Hey Shay, thanks so much for your reviews, really helpful.

    Having a bit of a board dilemma for this season and would love your opinion – Gnu B=Pro 149 or K2 Ecopop??? See you tested them both last year so thought you would be a good person to ask. Have you heard any reports about this years? like to ride fast, all mountain, lots of powder, like natural hits and a teeny little bit of park. Spent a few seasons in the mountains, happy pretty much anywhere on the hill – would love to improve my freestyle riding this season, but need a fast board cos don’t like not being able to keep up! Haven’t ridden a reverse camber board yet but willing to take the leap. Have narrowed it down to these two and now i’m stuck. What do you reckon? want something FUN to last me the season and help progress. loved my salomon ivy last year and rome blue before that, hated bataleon violenza outside of the park, slow and ittitating, but think the 145 was too small (5’2″ and 125 pounds). I know it’s such a personal thing, wish I could try them both out but I can’t so you’re the next best thing 😉 Thanks!!

  39. November 29, 2010


    I haven’t been able to get on this years eco pop to compare and it definitely changed tech. Hmmm I think you might find the B-pro more to your liking from what you described. The only thing is it is wider waist width so if you have tiny feet it would be harder to manuever but all around it’s a board that charges and if you loved your ivy and blue, the b-pro will hold it’s own against them.

  40. Han
    December 05, 2010

    Thank you! That’s kind of what I was leaning towards anyway so might just order one now… Too much snow around to not have a good board right now!

  41. December 05, 2010

    Han, yep good board are definitely fun for the snow! Enjoy!

  42. Katie
    February 04, 2011

    Hey shay

    I am currently looking into the 2011 gnu c2 btx bpro board, the 2011 envi, or the 2011 roxy eminence. I am 5’5 160lbs. I am looking for a board in the 151-153 range. I am an experienced all mountain rider, and have absolutely no interest in the park. I love cursing through trees, charging the double diamonds, and having a good time. these boarded all seem the same to me, so your held would be greatly appreciated.
    Also, my boot size is a 10.
    Any bindings that you think are good/overthetop/ comfortable? Any boots? I’m open to any brand.
    Finally, how do you feel about flow bindings. The ones where you can easily strap your foot in by releasing the back and then easily snapping the back on?
    Thanks again
    -Katie h

  43. Jess
    February 22, 2011

    Shay – awesome website! Would love your opinion on a board. I’m 5’10” 165 int/adv girl rider with big ol size 11 feet. Been riding a hand-me-down 154 Luna for 6 years. I recently demoed a 152 BPro and loved it! Loved how FAST it was and felt super confident riding it anywhere (but didn’t get to take it in pow). Yesterday I demoed a 156 Skate Banana and saw how fun a flexy board is but I could never ride that every day…too squirrely for my taste, but I didn’t feel like it was too big for me. I ride groomers, trees, pow and whatever jumps I can find there…don’t hit park much but want to progress there. I really only want to buy one board and want something that will let me go fast like BPro and also be a little playful to mess around with. I will maybe demo one more board before I buy. My questions are – Should I lean towards men’s boards with my foot size or stick to women’s? What other boards would be worth trying? Should I size up for mostly arizona and colorado riding? I’m afraid if I did buy the BPro the 152 wouldn’t hold up for me in powder. Thanks and keep it up girl!

  44. February 22, 2011

    Katie, I’d go with the envi or the b-pro for your riding style. The B-pro has a wider waist width which would work better for your size 10 boots. For boots, you’ll want to try on different brands to see what fits you best. Bindings, Flow definitely makes solid women’s bindings with the rear-entry system. Look at the essence and minx as a couple options.

    Jess, thanks! sweet on demo’ing gear to see what you like best! If you loved the B-pro that’s your board then! Especially if the size worked for you. You could definitely size up with your weight and boot size to make it hold up better in powder with the longer size.

  45. Annette
    February 28, 2011

    Hi Shay – Your website has SO much info. I LOVE it! Anyhow, I am trying to figure out which board I should get… It’s between the 149 b-pro -or- the eminence. I love all mountain, and do love going fast. Also, love just playing around on little jumps here and there. Trying to get better at my park riding, but really just all mountain would suit me best. I rode the eminence yesterday, and liked it a lot. Just wondering if the b-pro would be better suited for me? I’m 5’3, 139lbs and have a 8.5 shoe size. Riding in west coast conditions. Thanks so much for any advice you can give me.

  46. March 01, 2011


    Thanks so much! Hmm tough call, definitely if you liked the eminence and want to play around more in park that would be suitable for you and you already know you like the board. The B-pro will be a bit stiffer, more aggressive with a wider waist width which you’ll be fine with for your 8.5 boots and would handle more mountain. So really depends on what you’ll be riding. Are you able to demo the B-pro at all?

  47. Jason
    March 01, 2011

    With reference to Annette’s question: The 10/11 B-Pro in 149 is actually softer than the bigger sizes. Mervin rates it a 4.5. Where as the Eminence is listed as 5. So the Eminence might actually be stiffer. I only chimed in, ’cause my wife has a new 149 B-Pro that is surprisingly soft and pressable. She says the thing carves great though and it certainly looks that way when she rides it. Hope that helps.

  48. Annette
    March 01, 2011

    Well.. there was a gnu/libtech/roxy demo day at the resort I was at this past weekend. That’s where I got the opportunity to try out the eminence. Unfortunately didn’t try out the b-pro. The local shop here has both the eminence and b-pro on sale. So hard to decide without actually being able to test out the board. I feel like i’m leaning towards the b-pro just because of the graphics. Which I know shouldn’t factor in at all, right?!? Arrgghh, decisions, decisions. I think I will just go with the roxy. I rode it, I liked it. How do you feel about the eminence at higher speeds? Thanks SO much for your input. =)

  49. March 02, 2011

    Jason, good point on the board flexes. Roxy is Mervin which the flex scale also changes per size, Roxy just happens to point out the middle board flex only instead of doing the flex scale per size. In my opinion having ridden both, the eminence is softer than the B-pro but the B-pro is still pressable thanks to the BTX on it.

    Annette, Eminence handles higher speeds just fine. I think my only gripe with it was higher speeds on bumpy chop, you feel them more than the B-pro. But you loved the board so I think that’s your safest bet. But you could love the B-pro too.