Snowboard Review: 09-10 MTNOPS Burden

01 Mar, 2009

Location: Keystone, Colorado

Snow Conditions: Overcast with hardpacked groomers.

Setup: I rode the MTNOPS Burden with Union Forces and my Rome Vamps size 8.

First Impression: I know the guys that designed the board and I can definitely guess how it’s gonna ride…fast, aggressive and durable.

Size: 155cm

Weight: average

Flex: Stiffer flex longitudinally and torsionally making it more of a charging board for aggressive riders. I definitely didn’t want to get lazy on this board and had to adjust my riding to

Turning: Since it was torsionally and longitudinally stiffer, it held really long arc’d out turns the best. Longer S turns you could really initiate and feel the board hold a carve the entire way through.

Stable: It was a very stable ride, this board is meant for charging and it holds an edge very well over longer spread out turns. I spent the morning with it on groomed runs but tried to ride through some chops and sharp turns and didn’t notice any chatter or felt out of control on it. I also made sure I was on my riding game, that I didn’t get lazy with this board either.

Pop: I didn’t play around with the board off rollers or pressing.

Switch: It rode fine switch, I didn’t notice any crazy changes or concerns when going to switch riding.

Overall Impression: It was good for charging but riding at Keystone with it didnt do it justice. On the groomers it was really stable and just a solid board for charging, not really a board that you can play with or it’ll ride you. Despite MTNOPS being a new name to snowboards, they boards are built by Unity out of Silverthorne, Colorado and they know how to make boards so that’s always a nice heads up for MTNOPS.

Shay’s Honesty Box: I wouldn’t ride this board because it’s not my style of board but it’s still a good quality board just a little too aggressive than what I’d like on day to day riding.

*This Review was done in February 2009, please be aware that products may change.

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On-Snow Photos
MTNOPS The Burden Description

For more information on the MTNOPS Burden go to MTNOP’s website.

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