Steamboat 3/11/09

11 Mar, 2009

Yesterday we had another powder day and brought the snow out today with plenty of leftovers on the mountain.  I talked with Steve to meet up and ride the mountain during our ride breaks.  Unfortunately for me, on the gondola ride up I got a phone call to tell me how much my truck total was for getting it fixed, $1200 total.  During riding, my brain was just thinking about the money and making sure I had it covered…which sucked.  

Regardless it was a beautiful day out, got warmer as the day progressed and still snow in the trees.

While waiting for Steve at the top of the gondola, I ran into Allan from Powder Pursuits and Ryan who I know from Demos.  We met up with Steve and ended up taking a lap up Storm Peak together.  
Ryan flying off the cat track

Steve and I kept making laps but stuck to lower mountain and park, hitting up the Rabbit Ears Terrain Park where I rode onto the barrel for the first time.  
Steve on another cat track
When we came back in to work, we found a Vitamin Water snowboard there!  This weekend Steamboat is having the Maverick’s Superpipe Challenge and the Vitamin Water snowboard is one of the prizes.  Last year I judged the contest which was fun to do and this year I’ll be missing out on it since I’m gonna enjoy a 3-day weekend in Park City.

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  1. M
    March 11, 2009

    Love your goggle picture.


  2. dAb
    May 05, 2009

    I just won that same Vitamin Water snowboard shown in your picture. I think it is from Never Summer, but not sure of the model. Do you? How much do they cost?