Steamboat 3/17/09

17 Mar, 2009

It was another day to enjoy a ride break, the sun was out and couldn’t resist heading to the snow to enjoy it.  I joined a couple co-workers for a ride break to the halfpipe, we’re having an employee pipe competition on Wednesday so we figured some practice time would be good.  
Most of my co-workers are just starting to get comfortable in the halfpipe, which is always fun to watch people get acquainted with it.  Our employee competition is pretty easy and fun, you get 1 point for going through the pipe, 2 points for going up the wall and 3 points for airing out.  I’m trying to get the 3 points for airing out.

Rochelle riding up the wall

Daniel is our amazing intern this year but he’s one of the local athletes that kills it.  He was seeing spots from his crash earlier but still hit the pipe no problems.
We’ll see how tomorrow goes with the employee competition and it looks to be another beautiful day in Steamboat.  

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  1. Anonymous
    March 17, 2009

    Somebody needs to pinch you for not wearing green! An about your pipe competition: you should change it to 1 pint for dropping in, 2 pints for going up the wall, and 3 pints for air! To hell with points; pints are much better!