Steamboat 3/22/09

22 Mar, 2009

During the winter, you spend your weekends getting up earlier than you do for work in order to get the fresh powder.  As the season winds down, you find yourself sleeping in till the sun warms the snow up.  At least for me that’s the case and I’m on the same schedule as my friends.  Yesterday getting up at 6am was a freak of nature, so today was a late start to another bluebird day in Steamboat.  

I did a mini video for today’s riding, my cam doesn’t like the sun so hard to see the snow conditions but it’s nothing to rave about.  
Steamboat 3/22/09 from Shayboarder on Vimeo.

Thumbs up to junk in the trunk

I spent today to finish up riding the Capita Midnight, which I’ll be posting the review on shortly.  Sorry Johan for stickering it up.  If you watch the video, after the music description at the end I included a little locker room talk about the Capita.  

Our riding crew today consisted of John, Amy, Carrie and myself.  I told John as we were heading to the gondola that he was defeating the odds in Steamboat by riding with 3 girls. 

I last rode on Thursday and since then it’s been the same weather on the mountain, sunny, slushy and warm.  There are a lot more dirt patches coming out in wider locations.  It’s a bummer to see and I hope this storm we’re supposed to get really dumps on us.
As the season is winding down, most of my time will be spent finishing it up in Steamboat, then branching out to the resorts that stay open longer like Copper, Loveland and finally ending it at A-Basin.  

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    March 23, 2009

    snow x babes, what a combo