Steamboat 3/4/09

04 Mar, 2009

I wasn’t sure if I would make it on the hill but it was a good day to break from work, enjoy the sun and lap the superpipe.  Winds were high so the gondola was not running by the time I got up and other chairlifts were closed but luckily the park chair and Christie Peak was all I needed.

It’s already March but today I didn’t even wear a jacket snowboarding.  I wore a t-shirt and my 686 button up, that was enough even with the winds blasting.  
Lower mountain is slush, it’s like spring riding at A-Basin right now.

I have some readers of the blog in town which is always great to meet people I email back and forth it, in person.  Jeremy and Skyler are in steamboat on vacation, stopped by to say hi to me at work and hopefully we can take some laps tomorrow on the mountain.  Today I took a ride break just by myself with the Capita Midnight.
Just lapping the superpipe was good, cranked the music and rode by myself.  I saw a couple people I knew but it was fun to just ride alone.  One thing when I ride alone is really watching people in the superpipe whether it’s the person always in the pipe or the new person just checking it out.  I watched a really rough landing as a skier decided to drop in with a lot of speed but didn’t know to drop in to the pipe versus jumping in off the deck.  She landed on the flat and ejected from both skis on impact.  It was painful to watch, she got up and gathered herself but man…it sucks to see when people don’t know any better.  

Today was my first Physical Therapy appointment, so after riding I hit up the PT to strengthen my knees up and get them stronger.  
I do hope it snows soon…love spring conditions but in the spring time like April to June.

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  1. BigNolDogg
    March 05, 2009

    Good luck with the PT. I went back after my ACL/meniscus surgery and after my first season back on the mountain, and it helped a lot. This season I feel way stronger in my riding and less pain in my knees.

  2. Shayboarder
    March 05, 2009

    Thanks yeah I figured it was time to just make sure my knees are strong and I have insurance covering it so no reason not too. Really it’s more about strengthening my forward knee to 100% again. Right now it’s still not 100%