Tagging along with the SheRide Camp

08 Mar, 2009

When I first heard that Steamboat was having a women’s snowboard camp, I set out to find out more about what SheRide Snowboard Camp was about.  Last month I did an interview with Julie, the founder of SheRide and planned to tag along with the camp during one of their camp days in Steamboat to find out more about this women’s camp.  The camp features 3 days of coaching, 4 nights of lodging and various activities upon their arrival.  
This morning I arrived at the Round Up Room at the base of the mountain to meet Julie and the campers that I would spend the morning with.  I’d be tagging along to photograph and document a day on snow with the camp.  Despite it being a daylight savings morning, everyone was up and ready to hit the slopes.  
We loaded up the gondola with women snowboarders of all ages and abilities to hit the slopes and have some fun.  It was a beautiful day, yesterday the snow fell in Steamboat and kept falling throughout the night offering up powder goodness and bluebird skies.

With an opening run on Storm Peak to Sundown, there was quite a bit of powder in spots even on the main runs.  

Betsy in the powder

The first portion of the morning was to get some MA (Movement Analysis) video of each of the riders, so that during lunch they could watch the video, give feedback and spend the afternoon working on improving each person’s riding.

Julie, the founder of SheRide ripping up Steamboat

Billge getting filmed for the cameras

Joni coming out of the trees 

Abigail Slingsby, one of Steamboat’s female full cert instructors helped coach with the SheRide camp.  She always had a smile on her face and awesome stories throughout the day to keep you laughing.
As the morning progressed, I watched the women work on their riding skills and receive feedback from the SheRide coaches.  It was a really laidback environment catered to what the women wanted to work on and achieve.  
Today’s progression was focusing on the powder and tree runs.  Getting everyone to manuever comfortably in the trees and find some good powder turns.  The trees in wallyworld are well spaced apart making it easier to be comfortable in them and everyone wore helmets.

Lisa coming through the trees

I finished off the morning with the SheRide crew quite aware that it was a fun time riding with the girls, just working on their riding and pushing them to progress.  I ended up with lots of photos of each person just carving up the slope whether in the trees or groomers and with a positive attitude, wanting to be there and having fun.  It was awesome to see a camp where it’s about the fun, especially bringing women into the fun.  

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  1. Anonymous
    March 13, 2009

    We LOVE your support and would like you to come back next year for some more powder turns!