Airhole Ninja Masks 2009-2010

15 Apr, 2009

A creation of Kale Stephens and Chris Brown that began at grandma’s sewing machine has grown into much more. Airhole Ninja masks were created to protect your face from the cold and let you breathe without making the bandanas wet.

At SIA this year I was able to try them on for the first time and the design fit my face with the airhole right where my mouth would be. With some interesting designs from the fun to the scary to the home country…there’s something for anyone to keep their face warm.

Party Panda
Colors: Black, Silver and white
Standard (left)

Colors: Black, red and green 

International (right)
Colors: Canada, USA, Japan, S. Korea and Norway

Colors: Black, Tone and white
Colors: Salish, Black, Brown
Colors: Black, brown and white
Kupid Kamo
Colors: Green, brown and white
Colors: Black, Red and white
Colors: Black and white


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  1. gotr0
    April 17, 2009

    Ha, that panda one is sweet!