Breckenridge 4/19/09

19 Apr, 2009

Last night was my first night back to Steamboat in a couple days so lots of laundry and finishing up packing my snowboard bag (hopefully under 50lbs) for Whistler tomorrow. This morning I slept in and hit the road to ride Breckenridge with friends. Today was Breckenridge’s closing day on the mountain.

The storm from Friday and Saturday passed through, making today a bluebird and warm day on the slopes. The first lap was made with Joel and Bru as they were ending the day.


Bru showing off his gaper gap

I met up with Tj, Steph and a couple others to make laps. I noticed this guy wearing the nacho libre wrestler mask and Steph got in the photo with him. The guy rode like that down the mountain.

A ducked rope and found ourselves in some leftover powder to ride and then had to get back under.

I got the Park Rocker to be my spring board for short runs at A-Basin because it’s just a lot of fun. Today I ended up riding it to check it out on the mountain, it got some park and pow and groomer riding in. I had a couple tail press moments where the nose kept wanting to come up and had to pull it back down before I lost it.

Spring slush and riding low.


Tj’s ollie

At SIA I met Mascha the chick behind and made plans to ride today since I missed friday shredding with them.

Mascha and myself on the chairlift


Mascha riding


On the last run, Tj tried to ride onto the power box covered with snow. He made it up but not high enough.

Took up the last chair with Mascha and Sarah to make it back to my truck and ending the day on a good note. Bummer to see Breck closing with so much snow, but I know the halfpipe is hikeable!

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