Celsius Boots 2009-2010

02 Apr, 2009

Celsius is the image of progression, taking steps to offer riders boots based on comfort, performance and quality.  They aren’t a big company, quite frankly still small but definitely a boot competitor to watch out for.  They understand riders want variety in lacing, so they offer 4 lacing systems:  O Zone speed lace, traditional lace, single boa, double boa.  The boots feature comfortable footbeds to pad and protect your feet when riding, liners focused on a variety of fit and function, and extra features to add to the boot.  Celsius continues to work small steps to making boots more ecofriendly, reusing materials to be functional materials.

For collaborations, Celsius works with Skullcandy for 2009-2010 so that when you buy the limited edition collab CLS9 boots you also get a set of Skullcandy’s to match.  Women get the new Fenom for their feet this year.

Celsius Line-up


Celsius Xenon, Rexford, Cloud 9


Celsius CLS9, Climate, Cirrus


Celsius/Skullcandy Boot


Line Overview

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