Copper 4/18/09

18 Apr, 2009

Yesterday was a mess in Colorado with the snowstorm that came through.  Between Denver and Summit County, I witnessed a rollover accident 10 feet in front of me, drove in the worst conditions I’ve seen and managed to make it up to the mountains before the highway closed.  With the snow falling throughout the night…today was a great day at Copper for their closing weekend.  

I did a mini video with some footage of pow and park riding and the exceptional snowblades on the mountain.  

Copper 4/18/09 from Shayboarder on Vimeo.
I made it up by 9am where barely anyone was on the mountain (highway still closed till this morning), met up with Lauren and Adrian to start the day shredding powder.  
Boards were covered in the morning

I spent the day on the 09-10 Lib Skate Banana so I can review it for the site.  The Skate Banana and I have a love/hate relationship on the mountain.  I’ve had days where I rode it at demos and hated it, then I have days like today where I enjoyed riding it.  For me that is one of the boards that I need to spend more time on before I put out a review and today was that day.  I also hit some box rails with it, which was rad cause the rails were longer than I normally ride and my first kinked box rail.

After a couple laps and low visibility on the upper mountain, we headed to the park to make laps and I got some photos of the crew.
During mid morning, we went in for some coffee when I ran into Beau with his wife, Beau checks out the blog and I met him early in the season at Basin.  After coffee, I also met Madeline who reads the blog as well.  Totally rad to run into more people who check out and like what I do.
Sorry chairlift

Copper’s closing events featured Sunsation with live music and the Red Bull 1976 Games which is brilliant.  Snowblades, 70’s outfits and killer style on the mountain.   They even had Burt Reynolds staches which made my day.  

Some of the crew ended up sleeping on the highway last night so they made it up a little later to join us for shredding.  Poor Bru and Joel.

Riding the mini park


Bru testing out his new Custom Vrocker’s tail press skills


Joel’s boardslide

While heading into the base to grab beers, we ran into the 686 team.  It was really Nick’s snaggletooth jacket spotting my snaggletooth jacket and getting photos of the radness.  

The evil twin riding the stairs

We ended up chatting with the 686 team and I got to talk with Pat McCarthy about the Northwest shredding.  I’ve heard about Pat for years but never met him in person.  Everyone was rad to meet and totally random to see them all there.   Also rad they’ll be in Whistler for Telus/Grenade Games!

Here’s Louie Vito talking with Lauren and Adrian.   

Kristin is the VP of marketing for 686 and she was out with the team leading the charge on the mountain.  

After a couple more laps, we ended the day at the outside bar chilling and talking with the bartender while listening to music in the base.  

Variety of friends boards


Ending the day on a good note, friends and drinks.  

I left early so I could make the drive back to Steamboat in order to do laundry and pack for Whistler.  I hit the road again tomorrow morning, ride Summit County and head to Denver so I’m ready for my flight out to Whistler.  

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  1. Chris
    April 20, 2009

    Pat McCarthy? No shit… he used to own

    Rumor has it, he had an internet ad type company that was bought out by Yahoo for an obscene amount of money. Haven’t really heard from him much since… other than the random appearance on a snowboard trip for Alliance Wakeboard mag

  2. Anonymous
    April 20, 2009

    NVM… just googled Pat McCarthy and 686, pretty confident it’s not the same dude. haha my b

  3. Shayboarder
    April 20, 2009

    Yep different Pat McCarthy, this is pro snowboarder Pat.

  4. k
    April 24, 2009

    ahhhh awesome. I’m glad I haven’t been checking the weather. Looks like it’s been fun since I’m gone