Glove Review: 08-09 Drop Precious II

02 Apr, 2009

A women’s undercuff glove/mitt with pile fleece insulation, an aquabloc ® insert and a combination soft-shell / stormguard outer, providing the ultimate in warmth, comfort, breathability and dexterity. These gloves are also 09-10 Drop Precious Gloves.

Intended Purpose: Winter glove for women on the mountain.

Sizing: I have typical women’s hands. In drop gloves, I fit into the women’s medium. The glove stretches so I can fit my hand inside it. Once my hand is in the glove, it fits just fine. Not too much material, I have good grip with my hands and can hold onto objects through the gloves.

Features: There is no inner liner glove, it does feature moisture wicking microfleece lining to keep your hands warm. I love the position of the nose wipe, making it soft and easy to wipe your nose when riding without hurting your face or turn your hand weirdly to get to it. The gloves so far have remained waterproof, warm and keep my hands comfortable while riding with the help of the aquabloc technology. There are finger pleats for dexterity making it easy to use the hands and fingers when riding. The gloves fit right under my jacket with no issues.

Durability: After wearing them since February, I have only one mark where you can tell they’ve been worn and it’s in the palm of the hand but really nothing noticeable or damaging.

Location: I received the gloves at SIA and started wearing them on the snow in February. The majority of days are here in Steamboat Springs, with some days in summit county.

Conditions: I wear these gloves when it’s colder out, snowing on the mountain.

Thoughts: The gloves definitely keep my hands warm on the cold winter days, the features are suitable for the glove and so far has held up as a very durable glove for my riding. The one thing I wish the glove did have is the strings so you can secure them on your wrists and not lose the gloves when you take them off. I remove my gloves a lot so that string is always important to me.

From the feel and look, the gloves have it all. I rock the black which has a nice plaid design, not very bright but clean. Quite frankly I’m happy with the gloves, they have held up through tree riding, remained strong and still look great after a good amount of days riding in them.

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