Grenade Games 5: Dual Slalom Moguls

23 Apr, 2009

On Tuesday, the Grenade Games 5 started in Whister, BC with a variety of competitions and activities planned.  Wednesday’s contest was the Dual Slalom Moguls on top of Blackcomb Mountain.  To make things more difficult for the athletes, even by the 11am start time the mountain had icy conditions.  

Here’s my mini video of a couple of the runs that pros did.  Notice the wipeouts…quite funny!
Grenade Games 5: Dual Slalom Moguls from Shayboarder on Vimeo.
Louie Vito on the scene to compete

With the icy conditions, the moguls looked rough and even more rough when I watched professional snowboarders sideslipping in the event.  

The Dingo making his way down the course


unknown rider charging the course


Molly Milligan

The base area was stocked with competitors and spectators enjoying the Monster energy drinks and BBQ grill going on.

Spectators sitting on the side of the run watching the event


Louie Vito on the left racing against Danny Kass on the right

We made our way down to the bottom to enjoy the grill and free drinks while watching the event go on.  

The results getting narrowed down

The snow started to soften up and spectators starting to enjoy chucking snowballs at the riders coming down.  


Chill and chat location

I ran into my friend Tara working the event.  She was the brew/grillmaster at the BBQ session and did a damn fine job.  

Thursday’s events are the Grenade Games Qualifiers which I’ll be missing to check out the Prior Factory.  I’ll be back on snow Friday to check out the Demo Park for 09-10 demos and the Grenade Games Superpipe Finals!  

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  1. VancityAllie
    April 24, 2009

    Argh, can’t believe I am missing all of the competitions and fun stuff!

    Well, see you on Sunday! 🙂