Inside Never Summer Snowboards

17 Apr, 2009

In the heart of Denver, Colorado lies one of the few snowboard factories in the United States.  With a location on Colorado Blvd, it’s easy to pass by the brick building that houses Never Summer Snowboards but under closer glance, you’ll notice the never summer stickers in the parking lot and on the building.  

Since 1983, Never Summer Snowboards has been designing and building snowboards.  Between the three year warranty, reputation of durability and their addition of R.C. Technology and Vario Power Grip sidecut they continue to create snowboards that have found a niche in the snowboard market.  
I’ve made the journey to Never Summer many times in the past three years but I still remember my first tour and seeing how the boards are made.  By the request of an anonymous comment, I set out to visit the Never Summer factory so others can see what goes on.  Never Summer is also a factory that welcomes visitors to see it up close and personal. 
Inside the offices

Jeremy Salyer is Never Summer’s art director and marketing manager.  He’s also an amazing dancer as I found out in Vegas and it’s rad to see a sticker above his head.  

Tracey Canaday working hard

As you leave the office and find yourself in the factory portion of the building, the Never Summer Eagle is there to greet you.

Inside the wood shop where Never Summer mills their own cores for each snowboard and longboard.   With summer approaching, the longboard production is being finished up.  

Never Summer longboards waiting to get finished


The beginning of an 09-10 Never Summer


The line up of snowboard presses to press each snowboard.  Today was quiet with the presses.


Memo and Tony in the factory


Ptex sidewall materials


5 layers of fiberglass in the snowboards and they come from these boxes.  


Personal touches to each work station

The workstation with the line up of snowboards and graphics.  Never Summer also creates Icelantic Skis and a variety of promo boards (like the Vitamin Water one I saw last month).

A new Premier F1-R being completed

Never Summer also takes in warranty and board fixes throughout the year.  I spent a couple minutes talking with Jose who learned from the Blaho brothers on how to repair snowboards.  Today was a board with a blown edge and it really was rad to see what work went into fixing it.   When that board is done, it’ll look brand new for the owner.

Never Summer longboards being pieced together as complete sets.

Finally each board after being finished, waxed and plastic wrapped is set aside awaiting the arrival to a snowboard shop.  

Many comments and emails have come my way about the bases of certain models for 09-10.  Since these are production boards, here’s what they look like.   If you want to see another base, the photo of the board lineup shows the bases for production as well.

09-10 Never Summer SL Base


09-10 Never Summer Evo Base


Soon each of those boards will be hitting shops and into customer’s hands.  

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  1. Crispy
    April 17, 2009

    Love that SL base. Simple, yet wicked.

    Thanks for the pics. Hope to tour the place myself someday…

  2. Marcel
    April 18, 2009

    …and it rides much better as it looks like, the new SL-R 😉 great board.

  3. vixen
    April 18, 2009

    if you need a board fixed, Jose is the man. He does amazing work.

  4. Laurent
    April 18, 2009

    Thanks Shay for responding to my request! Best article for a while! Love you

  5. Anonymous
    April 19, 2009

    Just made a mess checking the new revolvers base. Thanks for the stain shay. ….. I need a smoke.

  6. Shayboarder
    April 20, 2009

    Awesome glad everyone is stoked on the post! Definitely if you get the chance to visit the NS factory in Denver, do it…fun crew there and cool to see it done.

  7. July 02, 2009

    Nice! Looks rad