Snowboard Review: 09-10 Burton Hero

04 Apr, 2009

Location: Keystone, Colorado

Snow Conditions: Snowing with powder on runs, some groomed areas.

Setup: I rode the Burton Hero with Burton Molotov bindings and my Rome Vamps size 8.

First Impression: Varying information on whether it changed from 08-09 to 09-10, I heard it was the same from the demo reps but catalog says the flex scale changed, after I rode it…it didn’t feel like the flex had changed.

Size: 155cm

Weight: lighter than average

Flex: The hero is stiffer between the bindings with a softer scoop nose and tail, making it easy to press and butter but also holds well when freeriding. V-rocker is a 3 point rocker, between the bindings and on the nose and tail at the contact points making it less likely to catch and with the rocker between the feet, easy to press.

Turning: The hero is impressive on edge, holds an edge for carving and quick response edge to edge. It never felt like it would catch an edge or be overly aggressive. Whether it has a long radius turn or short radius, the board was capable of each turn at slow speeds and faster speeds. The PDE definitely helps with the edgehold at each binding, always feel like you have good grip and not out of control with how much grip it is.

Stable: The hero both times I’ve ridden it have been stable when going faster, the only unstable feeling I get is when I’m riding chop with it. It holds an edge during the hardpacked with the PDE (Pressure Distribution Edges), I didn’t take it on ice this time.

Pop: It took time to get used to ollie’ing on it but it was really easy to press and butter the board on the groomers.

Switch: Easy to maneuver into switch, no problems with the edges catching and with the twin flex you don’t need to adjust to it riding differently switch.

Overall Impression: The hero to me is a solid ride, obviously popular because it’s a do everything board but still park orientated. With ICS/EST you get good response and feel connected to the board. The only issue I have with the hero is through choppy conditions, it doesn’t handle as well and you definitely feel it in the board.

Shay’s Honesty Box: It’ll be interesting to see what is said about this board when it comes out. The catalog says a flex difference, down 2 points to make it even softer but I haven’t seen anything to prove why it would be softer (catalog descriptions are the same). When I rode it, it didn’t feel like a different flex, it rode the same to me as the last time with the 08-09 model. So It’ll be interesting to see other’s reports on if they think it changed. Overall the hero is a fun ride, I like Burton’s take on rocker.

*This Review was done in February 2009, please be aware that products may change.

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On-snow Photos
Burton Hero description


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  1. Anonymous
    April 04, 2009

    i wouldn’t get too hung up on the feel ratings. its not a 1/10 flex scale thing, its meant to put the boards into perspective WITHIN the line. like a hero will have bit less “feel” than a custom but a custom and a fix (or whatever) may “feel” the same, although ride differently.

    the best way to tell how a burton board might ride is by looking at the construction, shape and specs.

  2. Anonymous
    April 05, 2009

    And yes regarding construction of Burton, shape and flex type, I will be curious to see a comparison between:

    Burton Custom V Rocker 156cm VS Burton Joystick 157cm

    Cause, I heard that the Custom V rocker is Directional shape with Twin Flex and the Joystick is Twin shape with a Directional shape.
    Anybody will know what will be the ride feeling difference of that regarding that they say both numbers 4 on the Burton scale for flex.

    Francis B.
    Montreal, Qc

  3. Anonymous
    April 05, 2009

    oups sorry Joystick is:

    Twin shape with a Directional Flex.

  4. Anonymous
    April 06, 2009

    I was pretty stoked on the Hero when I took it out on some icy hardpacky type stuff. Then a few weeks later I took it out in chopped up spring slush and I HATED it. I felt like I was getting bounced around everywhere and I could feel every little inconsistency in the snow. Curious how I’d feel about the board if I took it out for a longer period.

    – Kimchi

  5. godc
    November 10, 2009

    Hey shay do you know if the private stock also has the PDE? I see it has Rail Ready Tune, whats the difference?
    You think the PDE is a must have on this board?

  6. November 11, 2009


    I went directly to my contact at Burton with that question and found out this answer for you,

    “Private stock DOES have PDE.
    It is the exact same board as the HATE VROC, but with a different graphic.

    Rail-Ready tune has nothing to do with PDE.

    Rail-Ready tune has to do with the edge finishing.
    basically, it is a bigger degree of bevel on the base edge (if I am not mistaken 3 degrees instead of 1 degree), and a larger area of detuning, which is better for rails.

    oh, and to answer his question, I do think that PDE is a must have on this board if you want it to turn well. if you just want to jib & butter all day, it don’t matter”

  7. Godc
    November 13, 2009

    Thanks for the research.
    Here are the facts from the web (so i think they are not 100% the same) :

    Private Stock:
    ++ Feel: 2
    ++ The Channel
    ++ V-Rocker™
    ++ SHAPE: Twin
    ++ FLEX: Twin
    ++ CORE: Fly® Core with Negative Profile
    ++ FIBERGLASS: Biax™ Response
    ++ BASE: Lightspeed™ Vision
    ++ EDGES: Rail Ready™ Tune
    ++ SIDEWALLS: 10:45™
    ++ EXTRAS: Flat Kicks

    Hate V-Rocker
    ++ Feel: 2
    ++ V-Rocker
    ++ SHAPE: Twin
    ++ FLEX: Twin
    ++ CORE: Fly® Core with Negative Profile
    ++ FIBERGLASS: Biax™ React
    ++BASE: Lightspeed™
    ++ EDGES: Pressure Distribution Edges with Rail Ready™ Tune
    ++ SIDEWALLS: 10:45™
    ++ EXTRAS: Flat Kicks

    I got my Private Stock for All Mountain riding (because i thought its the same like the hero). Hope it does a good job.