Steamboat 4/10/09

10 Apr, 2009

It’s just a matter of days before Steamboat is closed for the season so hit up the mountain today for my ride break.  The past couple days it’s been snowing and raining in town, so today’s snow was a mix between slushy and hardpacked ice.  

I rode the Automaton Time Fighter to review and Drew borrowed my Never Summer Premier F1-R to ride.  
Drew’s reflection
Much needed ride break

We lapped the terrain parks on the mountain, from big to small to just play around.  The halfpipe is still rideable so a lap through there and then just lapping the small park which is a lot of fun.  

Drew on the flat box
I gave Drew the camera to snap some shots of me riding over the barrel with the Automaton.  One of the most noticeable things about this board is the base has the cougar graphic, which I like a lot.

Smiling cause I didn’t crash on it


I’m looking forward to closing weekend festivities and riding.  It’s a good time on the mountain and lots of fun stuff to do, we have pond skimming and the cardboard classic or just hanging out with friends at certain locations on the mountain.

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