Steamboat 4/1/09

01 Apr, 2009

It’s the first day of April, wow what a season and it’s rapidly winding down.  Today was a holiday on the mountain, April Fools Day or Gaper Day.  It’s had some issues at mountains but this is a day that is about dressing up and having fun.  It’s considered a day for locals and today at Steamboat was the perfect day for locals…amazing powder and the last thing I cared about was gapers.

Today was all captured on vholdr cam with the exception of Andrew’s footage of me riding at the beginning.   

Steamboat 4/1/09 from Shayboarder on Vimeo.
My one-piece stayed in the closet and I made the decision to not be an issue for my employer. Because I made that choice I was able to get up early, get first tracks (load the gondola before the rest of the public) and enjoy a very amazing powder day.  I love what I do and tourists pay for what I do…so I’ll enjoy a day of powder on them.  

I enjoyed the morning with co-workers snowboarding and skiing together.  I can tell you the first two runs with no one on the runs with us and just floating through powder, waist deep, knee deep was insane.  

A shot of me riding through the powder


This was on one of the first runs, powder and aspens
The best part about today other than the powder was riding with people that were willing to take photos of me.  I generally take a lot of photos of friends but it’s hard to ever get a photo of myself on the mountain.  Likewise with video, but today I had people willing to to get shots so everyone had something.  
Shot of me towards the end of the morning, getting some leftover pow


Rochelle’s dust storm of snow during a fall


Plenty of people in one-pieces and costumes but this year I rode more powder than taking photos of them.


My favorite


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