Steamboat 4/11/09

11 Apr, 2009

Closing weekend here in Steamboat Springs, Colorado which means finishing up snowboarding and getting ready to start traveling to other snow locations soon.  

Unfortunately for Steamboat, it’s been a mix of conditions on the mountain.  From snow to rain to sun…the conditions are changing quickly depending which side of the mountain you are on.
Gary and Dina from Denver made the drive early this morning to spend the weekend in Steamboat. 
This morning we mixed things up, Dina was put on my Signal Park Rocker to try it and my Raiden Tigre’s for the day.  I spent the day on the Capita Saturnia to play with and Gary rode his typical setup.  
One of the reasons I wanted to see Dina on the park rocker was to see how a still progressing rider interprets that board.  Is it easier to ride than her regular camber snowboard?  Does she find it less catchy?  I’m still mixed on if I think reverse cambers are great boards for beginners to completely begin on.  It was also the first time to see the park rocker being ridden and watching it move in conditions without being the one on it.
Signal Park Rocker…insane 3 stage rocker

Dina riding the Park Rocker on an overcast mixed snow/rainy day in Steamboat.  

One of the highlights of today was seeing a an insanely old and awesome Sims one-piece on the mountain.  

I played with the Saturnia while waiting for the crew.  Even though I was riding a smaller size, I had fun with the board today in the conditions and when I did take it through some old crusty powder, it surprised me.  Since I was going slower to wait today, I played with tail grabs while riding and ollie’ing over objects.
With the conditions and the amount of heavy wet snow falling, we made our way into slopeside to partake in apres fun and stay dry.   After tomorrow, my home mountain will be closed so bummed it’s coming to an end so quickly but happy that I can check out other mountains and continue the season that way.  

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