A-Basin 5/16/09

16 May, 2009

A-Basin continues their operations till June 7th this year, but my time riding there is winding down as this is my last weekend on snow.  Once I’m cleared from surgery I’ll be riding Breck’s 4th of July Bowl and St. Mary’s Glacier in Colorado but this is it for A-Basin.

At 9am, the snow was already turning to slush if that gives a good representation of the conditions right now.  Super slushy/bumpy but still lots of fun to be snowboarding in May!
A-Basin continues with their Saturday Rail Jams for the month of May so today Lauren, Xavier and Zach competed.   


The set up was a one double barrel rail


Riders and skiers ready for the rail


Lauren was stoked!  She ended up taking home best trick for girls


Her prize winning trick, front boardslide to fakie


Xavier on scene hiking up


Xavier was on a rampage today with his tricks, he ended up taking home the 1st place for guys

I was able to meet Zach who spent all day with me before realizing I was shayboarder.  He knew of the blog!  

Zach’s 50/50 to pow punch

One of my personal highlights today was noticing a trend in photos that came out.  It was a butt slide kind of day and here’s the shots that won me over for best butt slide.

Joel’s was impressive, almost sightseeing-ish


Zach’s was like a rollercoaster ride with arms and legs up


The winning butt slide.  the hair…is priceless and nude girls are that way

On the last run, Xavier tried his wildcat backflip off the side of a rail.  When the photo came out, it looked like he has invented a new boardslide with his board and head touching the rail at the same time.  Yogaslide?

We met up with one of the riders from the rail jam, Scott showed us a log jib that we’ve ridden by and haven’t even thought twice about.  Scott and Xavier ended up trying it, it was a balls to the wall log ride.

I was able to meet JT from comclovin who was up riding for the day.  JT was kind enough to sticker Peru for me and it’s great to see someone focusing on wider bigger boards for riders.

The last run of the day, I ended up meeting more readers of the blog.  Victoria and her boyfriend (sorry I forgot his name) were riding down and said hi.  It was definitely a fun day for meeting people who are stoked on the blog.
After riding, I made my way down to Denver to hit up the Never Summer/686/Drop/Neff sample sale going on from Gags and Dave Graves.  Lots of goodies from this year and next year to be purchased at great prices.  I ended up taking home two Neff softshells and a bandanna. There are two 686 jackets I’ve been eyeing up for next year and I’ll wait to get them.
The plan for tomorrow was to ride Pikes Peak with Gag’s and a crew.  But unfortunately Gags reinjured himself so we’ll be back at A-Basin for shredding tomorrow and possibly hitting up Breck to see what’s left of the halfpipe.

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