A-Basin 5/17/09

17 May, 2009

My last day at A-Basin has arrived and today was a great day to end out the season.  I stayed in Breckenridge last night and scoped up the halfpipe but it’s no longer rideable so that wasn’t an option for today.  This morning I met up with the crew (Lauren, Adrian and Xavier) for breakfast in Silverthorne and then headed to the mountain. 

Sporting the new Neff soft shell with spray paint splatter print

We spent the day lapping park and having fun on the runs.  There really isn’t much in terms of great snow anymore so it was definitely a jump the rocks kind of day.  I spent most of the day ollie’ing whatever I could find and I followed Adrian to a good section of rocks to jump.  

Xavier threw down his wildcat backflip which I took sequence shots of, here’s the GIF that should make it more animated.
Yesterday I convinced Adrian to try my Signal Park Rocker and he’s still riding it.  Here’s him on the down-flat-down box.  I have a feeling I’m not getting it back.


Stickering up A-Basin


Xavier’s turn riding down the log

As we were standing at the base, I spotted a board in the rack that stood out.  It was a Sims Switchblade with Sims bindings straight out of oldschool.  I pointed it out to Adrian and a couple minutes later this guy took to the mountain on his board and gear.  Impressive.


We ended the day by hitting up one of the snowboard shops in Summit County to check out what gear was there.  I wanted to check out boots, see the deals and try them on.  I’m already in need of new boots so I’ll be picking some up soon so that makes me a consumer/customer.  Lauren, myself and another lady were in the snowboard section where we found no employee working for the entire time we were shopping.  I ended up grabbing a boot box from the back room because there was no employee around to do it.  

I was a bit amazed by it all and I took this photo during the boot process.  This store was sitting on a good amount of outerwear, boots, boards and bindings and I wonder if it’s because there’s no employee to help make the sale? 

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  1. k
    May 18, 2009

    I still hate all of you.

    -Except Wild Cat.

  2. Shayboarder
    May 18, 2009

    haha K you should come back…we miss you a lot.