A-Basin 5/19/09

19 May, 2009

It was a much needed ride day before the family arrives in town for my surgery, so I headed to A-Basin to finally end the season there.  It was great timing since today the Lib Tech Denver office peeps were having their end of season shred party on the mountain which is always a good time.

Lauren and myself
We started out the season together and finished the season together
Neon Green looks good on everything

Even though there’s a couple weeks left till A-Basin closes, the snow is very soft and slushy.  Today was the first day for plenty of pond skims starting to form on the mountain.  

Adrian taking the park rocker through the pond
The guys taking out some of the snowskates

The Denver office handles Quiksilver, DC, Lib Tech, GNU, One Ball Jay, Roxy, Bent Metal…jeez any other name I’m forgetting.  Today was the party/hang out and just have fun enjoying each other’s company.

Myself and Jay hanging out
Nicole and Dan all dressed up
The number 7 is huge for Mervin in 09-10 when it comes to a certain test
Jay got decked out in the banana outfit
and pulled a banana method for the day

I had family flying in so I left early to head back to Steamboat for their arrival.  Good fun day on the slopes and looking forward to next time I get back on snow!

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  1. hanh
    May 19, 2009

    good luck in surgery

  2. Shayboarder
    May 19, 2009