Dear Robotfood…

04 May, 2009

It’s coming up on seven years since I first saw Afterbang and subsequently purchased it. Since then I’ve acquired the full collection of Robotfood films: Afterbang, Lame and Afterlame. In those seven years, they’ve been played hundreds of times in my dvd, friends dvd players, laptop on vacation and it’s quite frankly coming to an end of the journey for them. But I’m not ready to give up, I can no longer find a copy of any of those movies and they’ve become collectors items for us shredders who loved them. So I’m asking you, Robotfood family…please think of all of the snowboarders (myself included) who loved your films and now have played them so often they are dying each time…that we need another way to keep the love on. Please put the Robotfood movies on Itunes.

I’d pay to download all 3 films on Itunes, I’d pay to have the eternal rights to watching Robotfood each time I travel with my laptop, I’d pay to satisfy that craving. Every year in the fall as I’m waiting for the snow to fall, your videos are the ones that pump me up. Because they are realistic to any rider out there and fun, which is what snowboarding is.

Please save our dvd’s from dying and offer us the videos online, so we can continue watching our favorite snowboard films you created.

Hearts and Kisses,

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  1. tundrah
    May 04, 2009

    I second that sentiment!!! Best snow movies ever–well Afterbang and Lame for sure.

    I still cant hear the Clash’s “Should I Stay Or Should I Go” and not picture Scotty Whitlake’s gaptoothed grin… so good.

  2. Nose Dradamous
    May 04, 2009

    You can find some similar love out of the two DC movies. Same feel.

  3. Hanh
    May 04, 2009

    dude oh my god… i love the robot food films afterlame was the first snowboard video i ever saw and fell in love with the whole sport. mack dawgs are great and so are standard’s but there is nothing as good as a robotfood. pierre wikberg is a genius and did great with the dc films.

  4. Anonymous
    May 05, 2009

    shoot pierre an email:

  5. hoon
    May 05, 2009

    i’d rather have them release some new flicks…

  6. T
    May 05, 2009


  7. Timbo
    May 05, 2009

    Shay has the DVDs.

    Maybe I will rip them and host them via my site. Stay tuned.


  8. Shayboarder
    May 05, 2009

    Thanks Tundrah, Nose, Hanh and T!

    Anonymous, unfortunately no email for him on his blog.

    Hoon, yeah I figured that was a lot to ask for but I think this is a maybe do-able request.

    Timbo, I’m not seeing it there. They have afterbang on the side list but that goes to surf videos…I haven’t seen a shop with all 3 videos in the last couple years. For ripping and hosting them…sorry but I’m all for not stealing from snowboarders, if they choose to put them on itunes that would be rad, I can pay and support them but I wouldn’t download the bit torrent or whereever else I can steal it. If robotfood okays you to host it, then rad but this post isn’t to get it for free…it’s to support a company/films I love doing it the legal downloading way.

  9. Anonymous
    May 06, 2009 that his email. he would love to hear this ! he is at home in sweden right now for the summer months of sin as he calls it. give him a jingle

  10. Pierre Wikberg
    May 06, 2009


    We have talked about releasing the trilogy for about 3-4 years…

    I know we have some great fans out there and I´d love to give them the Robot Food movies in a new box set or/and in digital form.

    I´m almost certain itunes would be close to impossible due to music rights. Our paperwork from 2002-2004 won´t hold up for itunes distribution.

    There has been talk of a Robot Food reunion, even as of last week… so when we do one we will come up with some sort of plan to re-release the movies and maybe even make a new short clip with all the old robots.

    So I´m hoping to have something for you within a year..

  11. Shayboarder
    May 06, 2009


    That was quick! Thanks so much for replying and giving a heads up on what’s to come. Bummer that itunes wouldn’t work out with the music, the music definitely makes the films even better.

    Anyway great news about a possible reunion and boxed set…appreciate you taking the time to come here and reply!

  12. Hanh
    May 06, 2009

    pierre you are the man. i have a relative who works at apple in the itunes engineering department. i know its not rights or anything but maybe i can pass on some info for you or ask him about it

  13. Huckleberry Hart
    May 11, 2009

    Yeah. Ditto. Didn’t Obama add RobotFood flicks to the endangered species list? Let’s get digital doggers.

  14. Todd
    May 26, 2009

    Wow this would be extra radical.