Goggle Review: Spy Bias

09 May, 2009

The sleek, low-profile Spy Bias snowboard goggle is specifically designed for smaller faces.

Intended Purpose: Meant for smaller faces, it is a scaled down version of the Spy Soldier in a women’s goggle.

Color: Various designs on the Bias from the bright to the simple. I’ve been riding in the black frame with purple skulls on the strap.

Location: I received the goggles after SIA and since then have rode with them mostly in Steamboat Springs, Colorado.

Conditions: I’ve worn the goggles on bluebird days, overcast and snowing days.

Visibility: With the smaller frame you definitely get less peripheral, I compared against my Smith Heiress’s which had a tad wider peripheral. The frame is a tad smaller than I needed to fit the width of my face so I found that to be partially the reason for less visibility.

Features: The bias features a Scoop ventiliation system to reduce lens fogging and every day that I rode with the bias I didn’t have any problems with fogging but I was just lapping the mountain without any hiking either. The triple layer face foam has moisture wicking fleece to keep your face warm and dry, without any marks from the goggles. That was the best feature in my opinion because the extra padding was really comfortable to wear and it’s noticeably more than my Smith Heiress’s. The quick release it always nice on goggles, easy to get off and on especially when putting over headphones.

Durability: These goggles haven’t been kept in the best condition, they’ve traveled in packs and have been left out of goggle protective holders but the lenses are holding up great through all of that. The strap is pretty tough and the two layers of face foam are intact with no problems.

Thoughts: Spy isn’t lying when they say these goggles are for smaller faces, I found the width just a tad smaller than my face but the fit around the nose was good with a lot of padding that really forms to my nose to not let in air.

The only bummer I didn’t like is on both sides of the straps is this rather bulky leather SPY box that is just there for looks…it serves no purpose and you don’t need it. What’s worse for me is that it limits me from wearing the vholdr cam because of the location, I can’t attach the goggle cam to the strap with that bulky piece coming out and that means I won’t wear the goggles as much and definitely not on a powder day when I’d use the cam.

I definitely think if you have a super small face, this goggle is it. It’s got the smallest fit I’ve tried on for a women’s goggle but with a very good amount of features for the mountain.

On-snow photos

Spy Bias Description
For more information on the Spy Bias, go to Spy’s website.

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  1. Carrie
    May 09, 2009

    I have a small face and absolutey LOVE my Bias goggles. I have hiked with them and had no fogging issues.. mind you it was a pretty cold day! They also fit well with my Bern and my sledding helmets, which is always a plus!

  2. Señor Pantalones
    May 13, 2009

    Hey Shay,

    I have the Soldiers andthought I should comment on this…

    i think they are terrible. here’s why:

    1. compared to the offerings from dragon and others, these goggles have terrible peripheral vision.
    2. the top of the frame dips, which results in a gap between your goggles in your helmet. so if you wear a helmet in the sun, prepare to get a nice red window on your forehead at the end of the day.

    otherwise, they are great goggles for looking straight ahead, have never fogged up on me, and are very comfy!

  3. July 03, 2009

    Awesome to hear the other input you guys on the goggles. Goggles to me are such a hit or miss, I used to buy up goggles that I like the look of and then later on the mountain found out the fit wasn’t quite there with my face.

    Goggles with helmets, definitely gotta try before you buy!

  4. keither
    July 04, 2009

    I really think goggles fit differently on different faces. I have tried Dragons, Von Zippers, Smiths, Anons, and more. It’s seems the gog that has the best peripheral for me IS the Soldiers. Not only that, it was THE ONLY goggle I found that doesn’t give me a gaper. The frame is pratically flat on the top and butts right up against any helmet that me or my buddies have tried on (I ride a Smith Holt and the Soldiers fit better than ANY Smith goggle I tried on.) I know about six or seven people with the Soldiers. I am so happy with them, I have three pairs all with different lenses. So again, I think it’s all about face shape. And no I don’t work for Spy.

  5. keither
    July 04, 2009

    wait, this is about the Bias’, sorry haven’t tried ’em 😉

  6. July 04, 2009

    Keither, no worries that’s great input. The bias are the scaled down women’s version of the soldiers meant for smaller faces.