Great Deals

31 May, 2009

Just a word of advice if you are in need of snowboard gear for next winter…there are some great deals to be found at your local snowboard shop and online snowboard shops.  

I’ve been checking out gear that I would like to purchase that I eye’d up all winter long and now finally have to chance to make it affordable.  Resort town living has it’s perks but one of them is not making a ton of income so like many of you, I am always looking for good deals. 

So for example, I’ve been scouting out Ashbury goggles for the last month to finally get my hands on the frames that I want and actually support the company.  My first pair of Ashbury’s I received at SIA and loved them, so I knew I would buy them this time around especially now that they are 50% off at various online shops.  My own local shop doesn’t carry them, so I’m having to buy them online.  

Definitely check out if your shop has that board/binding/boots you wanted all season and is now discounted enough to let you buy it.  It’s time to plan ahead for next winter and get the best deal you can!  

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  1. Oddy
    May 31, 2009

    The selection is a bit slim after their buy one get one free sale (ended up being around 75% off), but keep an eye out for their coupons.

  2. Shayboarder
    May 31, 2009

    Nice! That is a good deal, the discount code for buy one get one free is still up till tomorrow. code is cyod4.

    I’ve gotta wait till payday to get the goggles but definitely still a good amount out there with good prices. I’ve been eyeing up a camera pack as well so still just searching and researching.

  3. Pamela
    June 01, 2009

    I fully agree. I picked up a new 09′ Rome board and new Salomon boots, plus some tuning supplies, for $260. The board and boots alone retailed for $690! Still need bindings by the end of summer tho. is ending a sale Today for 20% off all their outlet stuff (snowboard gear and other clothes), def one to check out.

  4. Anonymous
    June 01, 2009

    Yeppers, that why i was asking about the forces wear and tear. 160cnd to my house, i thought it wasent too bad. Hopefully thursday i’ll have em in my hands. Next years forces dont look like much improvements were made anyways so i thought it was a win win. I’ve come to the harsh realization ill have to pay full pop for my ns revolver next year, cause there gone before ANY deals pop up.

  5. Shayboarder
    June 01, 2009

    Evo is definitely a great store to check out. Pamela, what bindings are you looking for? I can help try to track down some deals for you.

    Nice that’s not bad for cnd to your house anonymous. Definitely a win-win. The revolver you’d definitely want to be on early.

  6. Pamela
    June 01, 2009

    Hey Shay, Evo is usually one of my stops, but they don't sell Rome. 🙁 I've been riding Salomon bindings, but since having my Rome boards and seeing your write up, I'm probably going with Rome Madison's. I feel like the Strut is too entry-level. Did you test those?

  7. Shayboarder
    June 01, 2009

    I tried the Struts two years ago, definitely the more entry level binding, less comfort but a stiffer highback with some good response in it. I liked the cush of the madision and all around response it offered. Struts you can find cheaper but both bindings I've seen on froogle with some good prices at shops.