Loveland 5/2/09

02 May, 2009

It continues to snow in Colorado but unfortunately only two resorts remain open and this weekend is Loveland’s closing weekend.  I drove down from Steamboat to enjoy the closing weekend of snowboarding and BBQing in the parking lot with friends.  


Today’s crew was Jay, Lauren, Adrian, Xavier and my dog Capita came along for the ride.  
Setting up the BBQ area while getting ready

Loveland is one of my favorite resorts but I typically only make it for the early and late season riding, even still it’s got some great terrain and unlike other Summit County resorts, there’s barely any lines.  The natural terrain is amazing and today we stuck to the main chairlifts but when you venture out to the entire mountain, a lot of fun natural hits to enjoy.

Right off I-70 and still parking available


Snow conditions today were a mix of slush to new snow falling.  I arrived early with Jay to get a couple laps in before BBQ time.  Lauren, Adrian and Xavier arrived just in time for BBQ.

After the BBQ session, we headed back onto the mountain to make some park laps.  I brought along the good camera to take photos.


Lauren on the double box rail


Adrian on the Rainbow box


The riders hiking up


Xavier’s tail press on the double box

So this is my favorite photo and the experience of the day.  Xavier was trying to 270 onto the rail and he almost had it but ended up bailing off the rail.  From the chairlift I could hear some kids completely yelling out at his crash, not the good kind of yell but the making fun of him for trying to do a trick yell.  I was amazed mostly cause he tried something and was getting laughed at by these kids for his tight pants and trying a trick.  And the kids couldn’t do a 270 onto a rail, we watched them roll through.  Bummer that some snowboarders on the mountain are so high and mighty that they feel the need to rip on someone trying a new trick.  I don’t think those kids have ever seen how LNP rips in tight pants either…ah well.

Xavier charging the rail

I took this photo of Xavier and Lauren through my legs at the end of the day

Tomorrow is the last day at Loveland and I’ll be back there to close out there season with more snowboarding!  As always thanks to John Sellers for the opportunity to ride!

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  1. Shredding Stuff
    May 02, 2009

    It’s too bad they’re closing, it looks like they have a respectable amount of snow to shred and perform wacky doings…

    Here in Tahoe the only places still open are Mammoth (obviously) and Squaw. Keep schredding.

  2. Shayboarder
    May 02, 2009

    There is a good amount of snow, but the snow quality is a mix of slush, dirt, and the snow that you are riding in and all of a sudden come to a complete stop on. We stayed in the park for a reason, the mountain is huge but the riding was a more park day for my friends.

    Nice on the open places in CA! ABasin here will stay open till June and then I’m hoping to head to Hood this summer but we’ll see.

  3. Lauren
    May 02, 2009

    Ewwww, I look gross in the first pic… LOL. I think I was actually thinking, “Oh god, please don’t take a picture” haha… but omg, your pictures are so so so sick… you should dabble some more into the whole snow action photo op! The one of Xavier on that rail is INTENSE!

  4. K-Bomb
    May 03, 2009

    Hi Shay, just a quick one…looking at getting a camera thats gonna withstand the cold and take some goods shots/movies and doesnt sh!t itself within an hour. What brand model are you using or would recommend?

  5. Shayboarder
    May 03, 2009

    Hey K-bomb.

    Depends, for on-snow riding I keep a small point and shoot camera, the casio exilim. I reviewed it a while ago on the blog with its info and photos it’s taken from that year.

    Shots like today where I took my good camera to take all the photos, it was the Canon Rebel XT and most of these photos were with the Canon Fisheye 15mm lens I have.

    The majority of the photos from on-snow are the casio which does record, I use it for some of the filming but it definitely doesn’t take the best footage…the video from this weekend you can see in some light conditions, everything is white. But for short films, it’s easy to use and I can take it out easily. I’ve only had it freeze up one day since owning it, very cold day and a lot of snow got close to it…causing it to freeze. One thing is just making sure you turn it off, I can see how easily it is to have the lens not close and have the camera be an issue.