Loveland 5/3/09

03 May, 2009

If there’s ever a depressing sad day in Colorado, it’s when Loveland closes.  There is so much snow and for the last two seasons closing day at Loveland has been a powder day.  We got 3 inches of new snow today to enjoy.  We also had fun BBQing and hanging out.

Today’s crew was Lauren, Adrian and Gags.  We also met up with a couple others and some new people to ride with.  
It was packed in the parking lot today but the best part about Loveland is no lines on a packed day, everyone gets spread out on the mountain so you never have to deal with insane lines.
New snow fell overnight and opened up some fresh turns to be made, it wasn’t the best of powder but it was powder turns in May.  We headed across the mountain to chair 8 to enjoy the goods.
Lauren was kind enough to take the camera from me on one of the runs and take photos of me riding down through some of the new snow.  Since I’m usually the one behind the camera, it was a very generous of her to make sure I had a shot of me for the day.
Lauren on the left and Gag’s on the right making turns 

We traversed over into the woods on chair 8 where there were few tracks and some fresh turns to be made.  I ended up taking this photo, it wasn’t that blue out but it really shows what the snow was like including my single line in the snow.

After some riding, we headed back to the base to partake in the BBQ session.  Some of the crew from NS had a tent set up to hang out in during the BBQ portion of the day.

Lauren and Adrian in the parking lot

After our BBQ break, we headed back onto the snow to end the day with some shredding time.  This time we had a bigger crew including some mini-shreds to come ride with us.

We made a lap through the terrain park to enjoy the rails.  Here’s one of the mini shreds called Chicken.  Yeah that’s his nickname.

It’s not a mini-shred but Gag’s the older shred killing it

Bummer that Loveland is closed for the season but ended the day with good friends, fun times, park and pow.

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