Mervin’s C2 vs BTX

19 May, 2009

I can always count on the BMB forums to give their honest opinion, usually it’s not the nicest but it’s always honest. They recently had a good point that when I reviewed the Lib Tech Dark C2 I didn’t compare it to the BTX version. I figured this would be a good time to discuss C2 vs BTX.

Mervin Manufacturing is the brand behind C2 and BTX technology and create Lib Tech, GNU and some Roxy snowboards. This is the first year for C2 technology to hit the market from Mervin but BTX has been around for years in the Mervin lines.  For 09-10, there are five models coming out of Mervin Manufacturing that will feature C2 Technology: Lib Tech Dark Series, Lib Tech Trice, GNU Billy Goat, GNU Danny Kass and GNU B-PRO.   I’ve been able to try 3 of those boards that feature the new C2 technology and was able to try 2 of those boards when they were BTX.  


BTX also known as Banana Traction features a rocker banana between your feet and flat from inserts out to the contact points. The contact points are raised slightly because of the rocker making it less catchy. When the board lies flat on the ground (see the image above), you can see the rocker being the first thing the ground is touching and how the nose and tail are lifted up.

When riding a BTX board, it always varies on the flex of the board how it will ride, handle and suit your style. It does make riding it easier, less catchy, easier to press, butter and float in powder since the nose is already lifted up from the ground. The majority of models in the Mervin lines feature BTX now, from straight freestyle boards to freeride boards to a powder rocker on the Banana Hammock model.


C2 Technology takes the banana rocker in between the feet but puts camber from the inserts out to the contact points. When the board is flat on the ground the rocker is what is touching the ground (remember if you put a cambered board on the ground, there would be a gap between the ground and in between the bindings, camber) but with rocker, it’s the opposite, that section is towards the ground which makes the nose and tail lifted up. In the case of C2, where the inserts are and out, there is camber there so at that location, the board is lifted up with camber from the ground.

The five models that feature C2, four of those are pro model snowboards with three of those pros focus being on big mountain/backcountry riding. The softest flex of the five is the women’s model, the GNU B-pro coming in from 4.5 to 6 on the flex scale, the Danny Kass features a 6-6.5 on the flex scale, Trice features a 7 on the flex scale, Dark Series with a 7.5 and Billy Goat with the stiffest flex of 8 on the scale.

When you look at the riders who ride C2, they’re focus is on backcountry or big mountain riding. BTX is still very fun but it’s focus isn’t on big mountain riding. C2 is the answer to that, it allows the boards to be consistent and steady. In my opinion, C2 is freeriding and BTX is freestyle. 


I was able to ride the Lib Tech Dark Series and GNU B-pro when they were BTX models and rode them earlier this year as C2 models.

Both of the models I noticed were stiffer with the C2 than in previous years with the BTX and they gained a bit more stability and handled better freeriding. The C2 made them less freestyle friendly, it was harder to butter/tail press on C2 than with BTX. Still possible but not insanely easy like it had been before.

With BTX I used to feel a loose feeling when riding, especially on the softer boards and less noticeable on the stiffer boards. The C2 completely removes that loose feeling, giving a freeriders board with a good mix of rocker and camber. Even with the C2 you have better float in powder than with a regular cambered board, but the better float is with the powder rockers. However if you mix your riding from groomers to powder, C2 can handle it. Both boards feature MTX which gives them both a good edgehold on icy conditions, I would say equally good.

In terms of aggressive, the C2 rides more aggressive than BTX.  It’s less forgiving than BTX and meant for a more aggressive rider mostly due to the stiffer flex of the boards.  
When it comes down it, it’s what suits your riding style. I spend most of my time in the winter freeriding and riding halfpipe with the occasional mini park jib. My riding style suits the C2 technology better than riding BTX all the time and I prefer having rocker/camber when I’m riding now. People need to take into account their own preferences and riding style, always demo’ing is the best way to find out if it suits you.   
Sources on the C2 in Danny Kass and Travis Rice Boards:  

GNU Blog post on the SIA Innovation Award which lists the Danny Kass and Travis Rice as C2

The Lib Tech Catalog mentions C2 Here 
Travis Rice in a TWS Business interview coming on C2 in his boards

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  1. Anonymous
    May 19, 2009

    Good stuff. Thanks shay. I just picked up this years Billy Goat btx on sale (incredible prices because of the economy), and have been riding GNU’s street series btx all year which I luv, but wanted something stiffer to haul ass on. Don’t really need the C2 as I don’t ride big mountain living on the east coast.

  2. Johnny
    May 19, 2009

    thanks, now everyone should understand it.

    RIDE just has their Rocker opposite to BTX: Flat in the middle and rockered outside the bindings, right???

    Do you know how K2`s rocker looks like? Is it rockered all the way through or just some parts of the board?

    thank you

  3. Anonymous
    May 19, 2009

    the cataloug pics for gnu say that the danny kass is btx not C2 is that true and it also says it on the trice as well

  4. Shayboarder
    May 19, 2009

    Anonymous. Nice on the billy goat purchase, definitely some great deals now for new boards. Glad it works for you!

    Johnny. Yep wanted to set it clear as much as I could on the differences between them, from my own personal experience. I’ll look at the other rockers and do another rocker post to clear up what they all are. I heard TWS is putting out a collective rocker description in the buyers guide this year as well.

    Anonymous. Remember the catalog were made months ago, before SIA, not for public yet so some changes have been made after the catalogs were created. Trice and Danny Kass for example were added after it looks like, here’s the SIA innovation award which discusses them having the C2 as well
    Check it out hereThe Lib Tech spec here shows the Trice in C2 and Travis mentions it in his interview here

  5. Anonymous
    May 22, 2009

    Actually, Mervin has been making and selling a version of C2 since the initiation of the skate banana. It can be found in the first banana TRS released. They chose not market it because it’s already difficult for the consumer to differentiate between rocker and banana, let alone C2 and banana…

  6. Wongstar
    May 27, 2009

    Shay, interesting/conflicting info about the Libtech T.Rice having C2 or just BTX. Down in Australia we are starting to see stock on 09/10 libtechs. Mate of mine just bought a retail 09/10 Libtech TRice 152. It has the latest Eagle logo (same as the bottom left pic of the Libtech spec (see above) and it looks like pure BTX (no mention of “C2”, put on flat ground – spins about the middle)

    Catalog –

  7. Shayboarder
    May 27, 2009

    Wongstar, I’m guessing it’s going to be a late addition but Travis Rice and the Innovation Award mentions it as well as being available in C2. I’ll see what info I can pull up from Mervin on how available it will be and when. I’m guessing that it’s a late release and because BTX was already made that’s what they will ship first.

  8. wratchet
    May 29, 2009

    I came off an Arbor Push to a GNU Danny Kass BTX/MTX. Crazy differance. I mostly Freeride and have just been learning the park. I cant deal with BTX even East Coast on the hill. Sounds like C2is going to be a friendly mix. I think my Arbor, being naturally stiff, made my style too aggresive for such a soft loose board. Im definately looking forward to upgrading to the C2.

  9. Wongstar
    June 16, 2009

    Shay, I’ve emailed the shop that sold the ’09 T.Rice BTX in Australia and they have assured me that they are in fact C2BTX (even though we didn’t see C2BTX or the “muscle arms” seen in the catalog).

    Is there anyway to physically check if the board is a C2BTX or get a rep from mervin to assure the ones already made (eagle logo) are C2BTX (maybe they used an older graphic template). There’s still a chance to go back and get a refund 🙂


  10. June 19, 2009

    Wratchet, It sounds like C2 will be the better choice. I eventually warmed up to BTX but C2 definitely suits the freeriders a lot more.

    Wongstar, Yeah you can physically check to see if it’s BTX or C2, the photos above show the differences and you’ll be able to see them when you lie the board flat on the ground and look at the bottom of the board to see if there’s banana and flat or banana and camber.

  11. Brek Leines
    June 21, 2009

    Hey Shay! Is there any chance that you could do a review on the 09-10 Gnu Danny Kass board? Maybe even compare a c2 and banana version of the deck in the same review? It would be great and know that the DK is one of the softer c2 boards. And do you have any info on the new Banana Magic or anything on the new JAPARK?

  12. June 21, 2009

    The Danny Kass is definitely on my list for this year. I’ll see if there is a banana version to ride at the demos or if I can borrow one. Nothing on the magic or japark yet.

  13. Brek Leines
    June 21, 2009

    Haha sweet! Yah I saw Matt Olson up at Snoqualmie with the very first Banana Magic but wasnt able to ask him how it rides or what different about it. Im thinking itll be like the Parke Pickle as in having a deeper heal side sidecut and then have c2. So maybe this summer.

    Oh if you do get ur hands on a DK over this summer and ur riding at hood you should let me try it out for a run or two haha

  14. Brek Leines
    June 25, 2009

    Got a chance to look at next season BANANA MAGIC!!!! It looks sooooo sick! Its about as stiff as the trice, maybe a lil softer but its definately lighter and has more banana. My shop would let me look at it to long unfortunately. Definately a board to check out next season!