Oakley 2009-2010

05 May, 2009

Oakley continues their goggle line for 2009-2010 as well as their signature series of goggles based around pro riders and their continuation into softgoods for the die hard Oakley lovers.   Here’s a look at some of their signature goggles and softgoods, it’s only just the beginning for Oakley.

Gretchen Bleiler A-frame Signature Series
Danny Kass Crowbar Signature Series
Shaun White A-frame Signature Series
Oakley continues with their line of softgoods
Oakley Gloves and luggage
Gretchen Bleiler Oakley Outerwear

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  1. hoon
    May 05, 2009

    no splice?

  2. Pamela
    May 05, 2009

    I tried a pair of Oakley A-frames this past winter and thought they were way too big for my face. Went back to Anon. If the Bleiler A-frames are slightly smaller than the original, I might be able to rock them.

    Big props on their clothing though. The outerwear is awesome. I hit up the Oakley outlet store by me often.

  3. Brek Leines
    May 15, 2009

    Eh Pamela, check out the Asian Fit oakley’s, they have a slightly smaller frame I believe.

  4. October 05, 2009

    Oakley, my favorite brand. Oakley, I am coming~!!