Shayboarder representation in Peru

06 May, 2009

Straight from Lima is some representation going on. It involes the cops, skulls, presidential palaces and lots of fun. Justin who runs is on his vacation and took along some stickers for the ride…unfortunately the cops weren’t a fan of shayboarder stickers so he had to improvise. Gotta give the guy credit for his skills. Here’s his photos and email to tell the story.

Justin’s Email telling the story,

“I’m still in Lima, but figured I’d give you the scoop. Ok so here’s the down low on your representation…. I brought one sticker, as I used the others to plaster schtuff around my place etc. So the crew and I down here hit the town, and decided to sticker up some shit.. Well I don’t have a picture of that, because apparently the local policia take offense to that, and we had to run our asses off heh.. He ripped it off.. but alas.. have no fear.. I came up with a new plan for representation.. I went to your site and just printed the image of all of your stickers on your board. I made little flyers.. passed a few out to some local skaters, so perhaps they’ll hit your site, but I also got pics of the makeshift flyer in front of the Peru Presidential Palace (too many guards to try to tape it anywhere.) We hit up the catacombs down here, which was eerily cool, yet creepy. There was no photography allowed, but “Brother J” one of my best friends and now a new snowboarder.. helped me snag a picture of the flyer in the catacombs with some of the crazy bones in the background.”

* does not bail out people who get caught stickering in foreign countries. You are on your own…but I’ll mail you letters in jail. Shayboarder does always approve of representation…thank you!

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  1. Huckleberry Hart
    May 07, 2009

    Wild. Way to keep it INTL.