Snowboard Review: 09-10 K2 Eco Pop

05 Jun, 2009

This review was done at the Transworld Good Wood test as I tagged along with the test and tried out boards.

Location: Breckenridge, Colorado

Snow Conditions: Overcast with hardpacked groomers to icy groomers.

Setup: I rode the K2 Eco Pop with Union Force’s and my Rome Vamps size 8.

First Impression: Super light board and the topsheet is like a pillow under the feet when skating down to the chairlift.

Size: 155cm

Weight: lighter than average

Flex: The most noticeable thing upfront is no camber/no reverse camber, it’s flatline technology and flexing flatline technology on the eco pop is mid-stiff, not an overly stiff board but not a softer park board either, definitely rated for the all mountain riding from freeriding and handling for pipe riding. It’s a tad stiffer under the bindings with a softer flex between the bindings which gives it the torsional flex that you can turn on a dime with it.

Turning: The Eco pop with the lightness factor was really easy to get quick response out of it as you went from toe to heelside turns. The hyper progressive sidecut is always a favorite to ride from K2 because it’s ideal for turning, easy to get into and out of turns but once in the carve, you can really hold it and draw it out.

Stable: On the icy spots the Eco pop didn’t hold an edge as well as the other boards I rode that day (yes w/ultimate grip and smokin vixen w/mtx) but I can see why since the others have an upper hand. When cruising on the groomers, it handled very well and despite the lightness of the board it was very stable when riding.

Pop: The eco pop definitely deserves the pop in it’s name, super poppy board and really fun to ride. It was great in the halfpipe and a little more than expected on how it would ride there. In terms of being butterable, it depends on the rider it doesn’t make it easy to butter like a reverse camber would but it’s not impossible just more determined on the riders skill.

Switch: It’s a tad setback but it’s still rideable switch without any adjustment, I made a couple laps on it and it was as smooth switch as it was regular when carving.

Overall Impression: It’s flat and while it has a good broken in board feel to it, the K2 Torsion Forks really give it some life to how it rides. The board was impressive all around on the mountain, from freeriding to good pop in the park and in the halfpipe where it was easy to maneuver with the lighter swing weight. Pull a 180 and get a 360 kind of ride.

In terms of what board it’s replacing, it’s been said to replace the mix which is Gretchen’s 08-09 board, but comparing the catalog, the construction matches the Duchess and the Mix matches the Airdu but the pro riders names to each board are different. I’ve never rode the mix but I can see the eco pop being the duchess replacement, same shape, same core and with a new lighter, still all mountain ride everywhere style of ride.

Shay’s Honesty Box: K2 surprised me at SIA, I was expecting more rocker and they came out with flatline technology and I questioned it at the time. Now after riding the Eco Pop, there’s no question on why K2 did this and I really liked how it rode. For me it’s a good medium between camber and reverse camber but with K2’s signature style. It’s the first eco friendly board that I would actually purchase based off how it rode.

*This Review was done in April 2009, please be aware that products may change.

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On-snow Photos
K2 Eco Pop Description

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  1. Anonymous
    June 05, 2009

    Hey, I think I saw your review of the Capita Green Machine which is also an eco-board that you seemed to like. Is there a comparison between these two boards and do you have a favorite?

  2. Shayboarder
    June 05, 2009

    Aw forgot about the green machine, liked it but I preferred the indoor survival over the green machine. Not much difference between them though.

    Tough to choose between mens and women's boards, I ride both types. Eco pop I'd probably choose because it suits me as a rider better, but that would be tough between the indoor and eco. Definitely with the eco, it's a solid choice for women riders wanting the eco friendly board. FK however I think is a more versatile rider than flatline, park to pow with reverse cambers…and flatline it's the midway between them.

    Hope that helps and doesn't make it more confusing.

  3. Krystal
    June 09, 2010

    Hey Shay….. was wondering what ur thoughts are btwn this board and the arbor cadence… I’m a little torn btwn the two. I’m an intermediate boarder right now and am still riding an old school solamon that is about 6″ too short (so any board will b a huge change!). I appreciate your opinion and any advice u can give me! Thanks!

  4. Kat
    July 24, 2010

    Hi Shay
    Was just doing some investigating into this years eco pop and it seems they have gone from flatline to all terrain rocker. I was wondering if you have had a chance to ride the newer one or if you think you will, or even just some thoughts on it? I’m trying to upgrade for the next NZ season and this board is on the top of my list at the moment.
    I am an intermediate (trying to be advanced!) rider, and looking for a twin all mountain board.

    Thanks 🙂

  5. July 28, 2010

    Krystal, hmm good question. Eco pop is a lot more aggressive in my opinion. I think either board will be a good improvement from your older board. What kind of terrain do you like to ride the most?

    Kat, Yep! I haven’t had the chance to ride the newer one yet but it’ll be interesting to see the change. K2 has the women’s alliance so when they change products it’s because it’s for the women who want it.

  6. alys
    August 27, 2010

    Oh Shay,

    I love your reviews – especially since your setup sizes are pretty much the same as mine! So helpful. I’m an emergent-advanced rider and I’m torn – TORN – between the eco pop, the roxy eminence, and the arbor cadence (I have an Arbor Push so I know Arbor quality). I’m looking for something with good edgehold for all mountain endeavors but something that I can also take into the park. It seems like you really like all 3 of these snowboards – do you feel that one of these suits this purpose this best?


  7. August 28, 2010

    Alys, great question and you have 3 awesome boards to pick from! From what I’ve seen the quality is def lasting with arbor. Of the 3 boards I’ve spent the most time on the eminence and cadence since I own both. The grip tech on the cadence gives good edgehold and the eminence has btx so the magne traction def grips. I’d definitely say you have a tough choice between them but no matter what you are getting a solid board.