Treat yourself to the Bluebird/TRice giveaway

04 Jun, 2009

My first thought when I heard about the Bluebird/Travis Rice Giveaway was “hmmm I shouldn’t post about that so I have a better chance of winning” but that would be selfish especially when you get so many rad things that everyone wins just by entering the contest. Yes everyone is a winner!  So I entered the contest, paid the $25 plus shipping, supported a company that deserves it and am now writing about it to make sure everyone else becomes a winner.      

To enter the contest head to Bluebird Sales if you want to pick up the goodie box or just sign up for it and you might win the mega giveaway with 09-10 Lib Tech Trice boards plus goodies.  The contest ends July 15th at midnight.

Check out Travis Rice packing a box for Matt Scheffelman out of Arvada, CO.
I was stoked today to see that after entering the contest that my package had arrived with the Bluebird goodies and lots of wax!   

One of my readers, Scott gave me a heads up on how well they pack the boxes. He got such a rad box of goodies, that he ordered another one to get even more. And lets be honest $25 plus shipping for as much wax as you get…that’s a damn good deal.

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  1. JT
    June 04, 2009

    Yup, I got my box today… was loaded with way more than $25 worth of swag. A second box is definitely worth it!!!

  2. Carrie
    June 04, 2009

    I need to move to the States so that I can be part of these epic contests!!

    Can a company please do something for us Canadians!!!! Shay, you have any pull on getting that done for us? haha

    Come on TR, I want wax too!!!!!!!!! ( and stickers and socks and shirts!)

  3. Shayboarder
    June 04, 2009

    Sweet JT! Yeah second box is definitely worth it, I'm pretty set for now that wax will last me a year.

    Carrie, haha I'm sure I'll send you some of the wax eventually! I have no pull on getting stuff open to canadians though. You can always buy it and have it sent to my house 🙂 I'll mail it to you.

  4. hanh
    June 04, 2009

    dude trice is fucking hilarious. hella dig that 1 of 1 iron x bluebird wax, hella dope omfg!!!111

  5. Shralp
    June 05, 2009

    3 t-shirts
    1 hoody
    3 bars of wax
    2 pucks of wax
    big sticker pack
    jackasshole magazine
    Electric goggles in a Dragon box

    Rad for the $39 shipped that I paid. I have already ordered another box.

  6. Shayboarder
    June 05, 2009

    Dang Shralp! That's a sweet deal!

  7. Anonymous
    June 05, 2009

    How much wax in total (grams) do you get from this package? I was looking at a 1 kilo toko wax deal on amazon for 30 bucks w/ shipping.

  8. Shayboarder
    June 05, 2009

    Each person gets a different amount of stuff, there's no set amount they will send you so it's a guessing game. I got 3.1lbs of soy all temp wax and 5 other wax blocks that were smaller plus t-shirts.

  9. Anonymous
    June 06, 2009

    Wow! 3.1 lb that's quite a bit. definitely last me two seasons or more i'm going to get two boxes of this package. thanks!

  10. Shayboarder
    June 06, 2009

    It's not a guarantee though on how much wax you'll get.

  11. hanh
    June 10, 2009

    no guarantee for sure man i think i got teh short stick guys.
    2 t shirts
    3 medium stickers
    1 large sticker
    1 puck of past
    1 jackson hole magazine
    3 bars of wax

    i tink im gonna order another box though

  12. Shayboarder
    June 10, 2009

    Think of the stuff you don't want as Christmas presents…that's what I do and pass it on.

    I just twitted the Guch pack your box link, check it out here. When you order, if you want more wax…doesn't hurt to beg for it.

  13. Hanh
    June 11, 2009

    haha guch is hardcore for sure. ever been to jackson?

  14. Shayboarder
    June 11, 2009

    Only been to Jackson once unfortunately not during the winter but I hope to.

    The one time in Jackson was a trip for the Bluebird premiere which was a lot of fun…read about it here

  15. Kristin
    June 12, 2009

    got my box yesterday. thought id go ahead and say what i got…

    6 t-shirts – blubird & i am
    20 large bluebird & i am stickers
    3 things of wax
    1 air freshener
    1 thing of paste wax
    1 jacksonhole magazine
    1 signed poster from travis rice
    that says "To Kristin: Busted Out Box – T.Rice"

  16. June 14, 2009

    Nice Kristin! Funny on the air freshener…hopefully it wasn’t used.

    I just put up an interview with Willie that talks about the giveaway and what’s going on with Bluebird right now and a future giveaway that will be awesome!

  17. snowvols
    July 07, 2009

    I just got mine Thanks for the heads up. They packed mine with:

    2 shirts
    1 hoodie
    countless stickers
    1 T-Rice wax
    1 Jackson hole zine
    1 The Constant Struggle DVD
    $100 Bucks
    and a note:
    a gift from T. Rice and Bluebird kill that debt.

    I am going to have to get another box now

  18. July 07, 2009

    Haha you got Trice’s $100 that’s awesome!