Breck’s 4th of July Bowl 7/26/09

26 Jul, 2009

July is winding down but in Colorado there is still plenty of snow for summer shredding and the rail garden is the best I’ve seen it at the top of Breckenridge’s Peak 10.   Today was my 100th day on snow for this year, reaching my goal and will continue onto more days at Mt Hood in August.


I drove down and met at the usual friends place in Frisco before all of us piled into my truck for the drive up to Breckenridge.  Today we had Lauren, Adrian, Scott, Max and myself in the fun shred day. When we arrived on top, it wasn’t long before more trucks pulled up of people we know.   The rail garden has such a variety now, today was a 3 rail line that everyone was charging. 

I spent the first part trying the frontside boardslides on the corrogated tube and felt better with it…even though I took one really good slam backwards.  After that I worked on getting some shots of the better riders and will finish my rail mastering at Windell’s soon.


I trust Scott when he rides so I took out the fisheye and got in front of the rail to get the shot and then quickly move out of the way.  I didn’t get hit and got a shot I liked.

There were plenty of riders to choose from, girls and guys out there trying to old and new tricks.  Plenty of crashes and PBR to go around to make the pain less.  

Grey on the flat down rail

My favorite shot of the day, he tried out Adrian’s horrorscope and this tail press is just insane

I didn’t catch his name but I love how you see the board flexing during his frontside boardslide 

Switching it up 

I met Grey last weekend and got some shots of him but I liked today’s shots better that I took.  

Here’s his noseslide

Max went for airing off the tube and I caught this indy grab with the audience watching

Lauren noseslide on the flat rail

I pieced together this animated image of Scott on the flat rail.

Here’s the video from today, just some fun rail sessions of friends.  I’m still working on the recording part, but I like my new camera a lot.  Especially since I have a cheap tripod that holds it up and I just hit record.  

Breck 4th of July Bowl 7/26/09 from Shayboarder on Vimeo.


There is still plenty of snow for shredding but I’ll be heading out to Hood in August so it looks like this was my last ride day until I get back from Hood in mid-August.  

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  1. July 27, 2009

    Wow cool! There’s snow in July there too! Yay!

    P.S. UGHHHH I just realized for some reason my Bloglines hasn’t been picking up your feeds for some reason. ARGH! So I subscribed again and it seems to be working now.

    Well! I’m back now 😉

  2. July 27, 2009

    Allie, definitely we have some good spots in CO for snow leftover from the winter.

    No worries on the bloglines, my feed changed when I launched the new site! Glad to have you back, been checking in on your amazing trips…soo jealous!

  3. July 31, 2009

    Great pictures Shay!
    looks like it was a fun day!

  4. Dylan
    September 17, 2009

    Dude. I got a question for you. You think a Subaru WRX 4 door all wheel drive could make it up there???

  5. September 17, 2009

    Thanks Ashley!

    Dylan, I’ve seen a honda make it up but because of low clearance they lost a bumper on the way down. That’s more what you are worried about is clearance to get over rocks. So depends on you, our friends have a subaru and we haven’t driven it up.

  6. Dylan
    September 17, 2009

    shit. Maybe I can borrow my dads girl friends Jeep. That is not what I want to hear Shay lol.

  7. September 17, 2009

    I’ve seen jeeps make it up no problem. High clearance helps with the rocks, you don’t want to bottom out and find a piece of your subaru behind you.

    Be careful if you go up this time of year, it’s snowing up there so it’s easier to have a snowstorm this time of year. Once it really starts snowing, you won’t be able to go up anymore.

  8. Dylan
    September 17, 2009

    what if I drive up some of the way, and when it gets really gnar I hike? how far up is this? and you think I could maybe hitch hike a truck going up or something? I NEED TO JIB SHAY!! Im fiending.

  9. September 17, 2009

    Yeah could always drive up as far as you can and try to get a ride after that or hike the rest of the day. Your subaru might make it, just go slow and hopefully you won’t bottom out.

    I might be there this weekend.

  10. Dylan
    September 17, 2009

    cool Ill have to say wassup!

  11. Dylan
    September 17, 2009

    if I dont die. 🙁

  12. September 17, 2009

    Cool yeah just go slow, you should go with people anyway in case you get stuck.